Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Story Excerpt: Pearl

“Excuse me?” Pearl said to a young man whose face contorted into confusion.
“What the hell do you want Pearl?” He spat and she took a step back.
“My locker?” She asked and he rolled his eyes. He pointed to a row of blue lockers against the wall and walked over to a locker. He titled his head to the side and raised his middle finger to her locker.
“Here you go your highness,” He crowed as Pearl walked over to the locker.
“Look its Pearl the nerd!” A voice crowed at the end of the hallway.
Pearl trembled as she tried to unlock it. She ran her hands across it and it illuminated in a spot. She placed her hand and it glowed a bright green color.
“Welcome student 00010101” A voice whispered and the locker door opened.
Pearl overwhelmed with everything decided to place her head into the dark blue locker door. Her body collided into the metal and she groaned in pain and fell to the ground. Her glasses smashed onto the tiled floor and she tried to get up when she heard a roar of laughter.
“Cut it out, Dot!” A voice cried and Pearl felt herself be lifted onto her feet. The hands adjusted the skirt and placed her glasses into her hand.
Pearl placed the broken glasses on her face to see a spider web cracked in the right lens and the puffy hair girl, April from her photograph.
“April?” Pearl asked.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

NaNoWriMo 2018 Winner

NaNoWriMo 2018
The fastest I have ever completed a novel in my life, and this one still has a lot more to go. I think I found the next novel series for me to write guys! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Story Excerpt: Blue Blood II

Excerpt from Chapter Four

Evee leaned against the pillar out of sight as he opened the door.


Evee heard, and recognized the voice. It was the blonde from the bar and she held back her chuckles. She knew that the blonde would lose her shit if she saw Evee in the house but Evee was surprised that she was the one friend that knew where Hawk lived.

“Hey Lucy,” He mumbled and placed his hand against the pillar to block her view and entrance.

“Uh can I borrow some sugar, and some time?” Lucille said and she stepped on her toes.

“I cant,” Hawk said and struggled to get rid of the peppy blonde figure.

“Hawk come on, you blew me off for that stupid city chick and now you turning me away, why?” Lucille asked and Evee popped her head on Hawk’s shoulder.

“Hey I started the shower, I’ll be waiting okay?” Evee purred as Hawk chuckled and Lucille's face dropped.

Evee could see the tears build in her blue eyes and he lip tremble a bit. She actually felt bad for her because she knew she wasn't staying to be with Hawk this girl had a chance. However, her case was the most important and she knew she had to bring Delilah down.

“Oh hey Barbie,” Evee teased and Lucille threw her phone at Evee’s face.

Evee moved out of the way as hawk shoved Lucille out the doorway. He slammed the door shut as Lucille banged on the door screaming and crying.

“I am so sorry I didn't think she would react like that,” Evee said as Hawk locked the door.

“Lucy and I, we got some history,” Hawk stated and Evee nodded.

“I’ll actually start that shower,”

He continued and walked away from the screaming. Evee heard vibrations and looked down on the floor. She reached down and picked up the cracked iPhone but gasped when she saw Sadie’s picture with the name Desiree calling.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Story Excerpt: Job Interview

The sound of my nails clicking against the keys in the room boomed as the hours dwindled down. No one informed me that four years of college doesn't exactly lead to your dream job. Instead, I stared at the coveted degree hanging on my wall with disgust. I had spent the last few weeks bundled in a blanket, consuming my weight in Cheetos and applying for jobs on my trusty but failing laptop. I really needed a job more than anything.

When I first began the job hunt, I applied for my dream jobs at all the top publishing companies with high hopes. However, as the weeks went by and the rejections came in the hope began to drown in shots of whiskey I could barely afford. At this point, I applied for anything, in the building I hoped that I could even enter but even then, nothing came through.  

I could hear the keys within the front door and sensed that my roommate, Marisol had come home from a day of work. One of us had to pay rent to stay afloat in this box called an apartment. She knocked softly on my door and unfortunately, I had to accept her presences within my room.

“Come in Sol.” I called and closed my laptop.

She opened the door and gave me a tight-lipped smile but I knew what it really said. Her eyes scoured the room and I could feel judgment with every passing glance. Piles of laundry shoved into the corner, boxes of takeout container that I shouldn't be buying piled on my nightstand, and me in the center of it all, a burrito wrapped in a giant Avengers’ comforter. My hair tousled into a haphazard bun, dark raccoon circles under my eyes and a ring of orange dust around my mouth.

“How is the job hunt going?” She asked and carefully leaned in the doorway.

I studied her appearance, black pantsuit with a soft blue button down, pearl earrings, to match the simple single pearl necklace. Her ID badge from her Wall Street job dangled from a belt loop with a bright smiling Marisol.

Lucky bitch.

“I just applied to Penguin Random House to be a janitor.” I answered coolly and tossed my laptop to the side.

"I'm serious, how is it going? You have been in bed for two months now, you need to get a job, and didn’t you graduate as a double major?" She asked.

I was dead serious about the job I applied for but she took it as a joke. The same way corporations took my degrees. However, Marisol was right; I had majored in Latin American studies and English but who cared about that? Clearly, not a single publishing house. I needed a job, I needed a job right now, and I was already in the hole with my parents for my portion of the rent. They, fortunately, assisted me with the money after my student jobs ended and said I would be able to get on my feet, I was so smart and had "so much" potential.

Every parent's favorite lie.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Story Excerpt: Connections

The train lurched to a halt and a round of groans filled the cart. I held the pole tightly and gripped my thermos filled with the green tea my mother insisted I drink. I pulled out my phone from my jacket pocket and accidentally hit the man to the right of me. He turned around nostrils flared and he went to open his mouth, but instead, he just rolled his eyes and walked away.
Thank the lord I thought.
The sun peeked in through the glass panes and it illuminated the passengers' true selves. Men dressed in wrinkled shirts forgetting they had to work the next day. Kids asleep on their parents still clinging to the air of the weekend. Hungover women hid behind their dark sunglasses wiping away brunch from their eyes.
Then my eyes settled on the woman sitting in the corner, reading a small paperback novel. Since I switched to the one train I saw her every day for months, always with a book, always with a unique shirt and always with bright pink headphones shoved into her ears. She captivated me with her love of books and her smile that she reserved for small children and the homeless.
If Tomas and Berto were here they would have been all over her and ooze their charisma over her. I wondered why I stood friends with them, but realistically the question is why they would be friends with me. I wasn't like them, and they weren't like me.
“Migs help this dumbass get here.” Tomas said and tossed his iPhone towards me.
I looked down to see a series of text messages from Berto calling Tomas an idiot and that he can’t find his way to the “effin” Heights. I chuckled at the two going back and forth before typing to him that all he had to do was take the A train to Dyckman and walk a block down. After a few more back and forth I tossed the phone back to Tomas.
“He’s taking an Uber.” I responded and cut into my fried cheese,
“That motherfucker could have just did that from the jump. Yo if he’s late and there’s no more mangu don’t give him any. That will teach him to be late to brunch.” Tomas scolded to Mateo and me.
"Eat a dick Tomas, its fucking brunch who cares. These shit bitches do anyway not us."  Mateo retorted.
"I'm sorry when did breakfast and alcohol grow a pair of tits. Bro I am hungry, the weather is nice, and we aint never meet up anymore. Sorry I want to see my bros over some bacon." Tomas ranted.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Updates: New Look, Birthday & Camp NaNoWriMo!


Good Afternoon fellow readers, writers, and just simple viewers of Inksoaked!

First, to my faitful readers! I am back and ready to dive back into the blogging world! This is similar to a post that I wrote about a year ago and not much has changed in the updating world so lets just jump right into this bad boy
A few fun things to be on the lookout is ...

1. New design & Theme: Currently I am creating all the artwork for the blogs new look at that is taking a minute due to the tenacious work that HTML takes. Also, I am adding a new section to that will be connected to a YouTube channel! Yes I said it we are going live with video!

2. New Ventures: Safari Mommy is no longer live but will now be revamped as Writing Mami! Right now the look is being designed and I am working on a new logo for it but so far I have a few ideas I ALREADY written. Yes, I have ready to be posted and its all thanks to my threeanger! So stay tuned!

3. Road to Grad - Was an idea that was going to be about how I am going to grad school but now it will about my time leading up to and grad school experience! 

July 2018 - Camp NaNoWriMo

Lately, a lot of my stories have been short ones, but you know when you get an idea in your head it wont leave you alone!? Well I do and I am finally working on another novel series, and this July I am dedicating a good chunk of my time fleshing the ideas out and in November either have a great start or the basics for me to bust out the 50K words even though I am aiming for 100K+. 

Other than that ...

Thank you guys for the support, love and friendships!