Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Poetry: Dreams


Everyone dreams;
Everyone has a dream;
Now the question is …
Is it possible to make a dream a reality?

How hard does one must wish?
How hard does one must want?
Dreams are endless possibilities
with endless overbearing obstacles.

Are you willing to sacrifice all of your everything’s
For the possibilities of receiving nothings.
Or will you continue to dream wonderful wishes
For the hunger of what ifs.

Everyone dreams;
Everyone has a dream;
Now the question is …
Will you dream or Achieve?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Story Excerpt: Diamond Kisses - Chapter 1

Something I began years ago but never continued but reading it now I might re-do it :)

 August 20th 
Gasping for breath as their swollen lips separated from one another. Skin hot to touch under their fingertips as foreheads touched. He couldn’t seem to get enough of her kisses, her taste or her scent. His lips started to place butterfly kiss down her collar bone to her shoulder where a turquoise butterfly tattoo was exposed.

The gasp of pleasure left her plump lips as his hands grasped her waist pulling her closer to him. She backed away as his fingers slipped through her chocolate curly locks.  “Malakai I can’t” She whispered as she moved further away. There they were in a car secretly making out as if they were teenagers but they were far from it. Malakai James a twenty five year old fire fighter was currently sneaking around with his high school sweet heart who happened to be his ex wife Mackenzie Diaz. He could see her mouth moving but the words could not get higher in volume I was like he was memorized.

He looked down at his left hand as the gold band illuminated brighter in this night sky the moon light seeping in through the car window. His wife Tracey was the complete opposite of Mackenzie one in look wise and then personality. Tracey was a tall slender dark skinned with short dark straight hair while Mackenzie was a shorter curvy tanned skin with long chocolate brown curls. Tracey! His wife of two years the mother of his son Peter, his care taker, his partner for life but she wasn’t Mackenzie his soul mate.

Malakai !” Mackenzie screamed slapping his shoulder grabbing his attention back to her. “Yeah Mac” He said as he ran a hand across his face. “We can’t keep doing this! I can’t be the other woman to you anymore I have to go I’m sorry” Mackenzie said as she jumped out the car fighting back the tears. “Wait! Mac wait please” Malakai begged doing the same thing grabbing her wrist to stop her.

I love you” Malakai choked out as he felt the tears brims his eyes. He was actually stuck in between his wife and the other woman but believe it or not the other woman was winning. “Malakai I love you too but you're married we are the past; she is your future” Mackenzie said as she walked away from Malakai for the last time.

August 23th

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Peter, Happy Birthday to you!” As the group sang around a young little boy turning four smiled with glee. Malakai watched his son laugh loudly while all the kids screamed asking for cake and ice cream. Malakai hugged his wife who kissed his cheek before walking back into their house to get the knife and plates.

Daddy!” Peter screamed jumping towards his dad wearing a Bob the Builder party hat and a stained shirt. “Mark put icing on me” Peter said with a frown. “Its ok buddy” Malakai said and started cleaning up his son’s shirt. “Daddy!” He heard a young girl voice in his ear. Malakai felt his heart in his throat as his hands started to sweat.

It couldn’t be but there she was Isabella his daughter dressed in a purple summer dress and long brown curls. Malakai had the biggest smile on his face when he picked up the little girl twirling her around happily. He couldn’t believe it there she was his little girl in his arms in his home at his son’s birthday. “Daddy Tia Erika* brought me” Isabella said pointing to a young woman standing by the doorway dressed in a blue summer dress.

Erika* Diaz, Mackenzie’s oldest sister stood there with a scowl on her face glaring at Malakai . “Okay say hi to your little brother Izzy” Malakai said placing the girl onto the floor. Isabella and Peter stared at each other awkwardly before smiling each other. Malakai quickly walked up to Erika* who just glared at him as he smiled. “Mac isn’t here with me” Erika* said knowing the words that were about to leave his mouth. “Well where is she?” Malakai asked before shoving his hands in his pocket.

I don’t know” Erika* said as her eyes met his for the first time. “What are you talking about?” Malakai asked. “She is missing Kai, we cant find her we told Izzy she went on a vacation, Kai where is my little sister?” Erika* demanded as he finally could see the fear.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Story Excerpt: Blue Blood - Chapter 7


Evee sat in her apartment her head bandage and her knees to her chest. She was fresh out the shower her Mickey Mouse tanktop clung to her skin while her red shorts seemed pale in comparison. Her eyes sullen and her face white as a sheet. The incessant tone of her blackberry going off phone calls, text messages, BBM but she ignored it all.

This wasn’t supposed to be like this, her whole life she aspired to be on top, to rule the world. Yet she was cowardly hiding out in her dimly lit apartment. She had the best view, the glamorous clothes, the prestigious lifestyle but it didn’t fill that guilt in her soul. She wanted power and she definitely got it but it was too much.

Wishing to not hold her secret anymore to just walk onto her balcony and scream it from her lungs. She couldn’t it already harmed people, people died because of it. The shooting shouldn’t have happened, funerals wouldn’t start and mothers wouldn’t be crying. She could see the faces of tears as they gathered around bodies.

What happened to emotionless Evee? What happened to the girl who barely even batted an eye when Landon died and stifled a yawn about Amelia. Now she was a nervous wreck in her bedroom over her harboring secret. She was losing her damn mind she could feel the guilt tightening around her throat but it vanished with the loud thuds.

Knocking on her door didn’t surprise her but the voice did and she knew that voice too well. It lulled her to sleep on nights when her terrors got the best of her, it scolded her eating habits or when she over shopped, it let out a contagious laughter when she was upset. She leaped from her bed to the door unlatching the many locks.

Ezekiel leaned against the frame holding a solitary blue rose and a frown. “Easy I thought they hurt you” She whispered but he just enveloped her into a hug. “No I just walked away from it, I just had to think about you Evee” He whispered in her ear. She pulled away from him letting her fingertips touch his face loving. “Its to dangerous, I need to get out Easy” Evee said and pulled away from him.