Saturday, August 3, 2019

Story Excerpt: Results

The cool breeze flapped the curtains open as I sloshed the mop across the floor. I stopped to fix the top knot of curls upon my head and proceed back to mop the floor clean of dirt. Since the pregnancy scare a month ago, Nick and I did not spend too much time together. He buried his time at work or his mother's. I spent my time cleaning the house and working on a few screenplays. However, that was going to change and I was going to make an effort to have some alone time tonight. 

“Babe?” Nick beckoned and I stopped the mop and looked at him in the doorway with his mother and cousin Nina. The smile dropped from my face and replaced with a scowl. I shook my head and placed a false smile and greeted his family. 

“Hola Estrella, hey Nina.” I greeted and placed the mop against the curtain. 

“Hola Ysabel,” Estrella said as her accent hit my eyes hard. 

“Hey, Ysa,” Nina said and gave me a once over of my clothes. 

My dirty sweats paired with a black hoodie did not scream high fashion.

“I didn’t know you were coming over,” I said and turned on the faucet to wash the smell of bleach off my hands. 

“Well you guys have been living here for almost four months and you haven’t invited us over Ys. I mean you can’t keep my Cuzzo away from me.” Nina said and gently patted Nick’s arm. 

Nina and Nick always had that brother and sister bond that irked me. I didn’t know if it was because Nina always wanted to be included or if it was because Nick always went to her when we argued. It strained my relationship with her over the years. Although Nick and I always got back on good terms, she and I didn’t. Estrella crossed the floor to the window and slammed it shut.

“Too cold Ysabel you should always clean with warmth.” She commented and I just gave a tight lip smile to her.

 I turned the faucet off and turned back to the three standing in the kitchen. Nina was still judging my attire while Estrella inspected the blue bucket filled with liquid. 

“Que eso? Why are you using bleach and Mistolin, you need to use fabuluso, Nick knows this.” Estrella said and rubbed her nose in annoyance. 

I had nothing to say and I looked at Nick for some assistance with his mother. Instead, he looked at his feet and let his mother continue her critiques. Estrella perused the counter and rubbed her hand across before she made a face.

“Ysabel you need to clean a little bit better,” Estrella commented and I tried my hardest not to roll my eyes at her. 

Nina laughed loudly at her aunt’s comments and nodded her head in agreement. 

“Yeah Ysa, you got to give Nicky the best, and this isn’t it, I mean why did you even move to this building? It’s in the hood and it’s so ghetto. I worry about Nick here. I mean what if he accidentally gets hurt by a hoodlum?”
I didn’t respond but walked over to the fridge and opened it to view what I already knew what was in there. They were disrespecting my neighborhood, my community, my apartment but I knew I could not lash out on them. They looked down on my small place because Nick's stepdad had purchased a few condos in Yonkers. 

“You should try to do your role better.” Estrella accused and I gripped the handle of the fridge harder. 

Although Nick and I had been dating for five years his parents never took our relationship seriously. I wasn’t the type of girl they wanted for their son. They wanted someone who was a homemaker, cleaned the house, an obedient woman who followed the word of her man, and a woman who didn’t speak her mind. According to them, I barely hit those points and I didn’t want to.