Monday, August 26, 2013

New York City: Little Free Library

August 26th 2013

While currently on vacation I decided to do something different. While my original plan was to soak up some sun rays at the beach! News 12 "fibbed" about oncoming showers and warned it would rain all day. 

While groaning that I would succumb to surf the interent and watch movies that was burned into my memory. Something sparked my interest and turned to the pile of books on my floor. Throwing books away felt like murdering someones chance of exploring an art. 

Googling [is that a term?] where these books can find a new home. Google gave me a present and it was called Little Free Library all over Manhattan. Grabbing my sketchbook, pencils and as usual a notebook I was off on my adventure into SOHO. Metrocard in hand I would venture around Manhattan for about two hours placing these books in new homes. 

Then there it was ... a book for me!

Snatching it and shoving it into my tote. 
This girl became a happy camper despite being lied to about the rain. 

Little Free Library
The concept creates an 'inhabitable' environment, where users can immerse themselves into the space, taking the time to browse through books and borrow or exchange them. The structure is built out of an inversed plastic tank and a wooden frame. Perforations around the volume allows visitors to peek inside and preview the interior configuration, which can be accessed by ducking under the yellow structure.
In a city where spaces are highly regimented in terms of use and accessibility, this Little Free Library is like an oasis of fresh air, breaking rigid patterns. The installation is up until September 2013; more information over at Stereotank and Little Free Library.

Prince Street

Little gem I found! Hardcover too 

What I was sketching on the Train

6 Train - NYC MTA

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer 2013: New York City - Through My iPhone Lens

New York City Skyline from Staten Island Ferry - July 2013

Sun peeking through the clouds July 2013

Manhattan, New York July 2013

Bronx Zoo July 2013