Friday, June 23, 2017



Good Afternoon fellow readers, writers, and just simple viewers of Inksoaked!

First, to everyone that contacted me, I am okay and alive :) I have spent the last few months drowning in work, motherhood, school, applications for another school and a few losses of family. However, I am back and ready to jump into July and the further months with gusto!

A few fun things to be on the lookout is ...

1. New design & Theme: Currently I am creating all the artwork for the blogs new look at that is taking a minute due to the tenacious work that HTML takes. Also, I am adding a new section to discuss my Thesis work and the process of that whole thing. So, expect new color, header and extras to my baby!

2. Promotion: Currently I am collaborating with another artist and her blog to promote love and health! So be on the lookout for that and some of my own work will be featured on her blog!

3. Writings: I have so many excerpts I cannot wait to post once they have been edited and beta'd.

4. New Ventures: I have my second blog that does not get the love or push or anything that I want to promote and use. Once I break out the planner and plan accordingly, I will be back at it with Mommy Safari, with a new look, other mamas, and a steady idea!

5. Road to Grad?????? This is an idea I had for quite a moment about my road to Grad school for English this time. I am currently looking at a few schools, but right now my dream school is Hunter College to get my MFA. I was thinking about talking about tips, tricks and the struggles of Grad school. I was thinking to do this via Video or writings? I do not know yet, but once I get on the ball you guys will know.

Other than that ...

Thank you guys for the support, love and friendships!