Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Story Excerpt: Pearl

“Excuse me?” Pearl said to a young man whose face contorted into confusion.
“What the hell do you want Pearl?” He spat and she took a step back.
“My locker?” She asked and he rolled his eyes. He pointed to a row of blue lockers against the wall and walked over to a locker. He titled his head to the side and raised his middle finger to her locker.
“Here you go your highness,” He crowed as Pearl walked over to the locker.
“Look its Pearl the nerd!” A voice crowed at the end of the hallway.
Pearl trembled as she tried to unlock it. She ran her hands across it and it illuminated in a spot. She placed her hand and it glowed a bright green color.
“Welcome student 00010101” A voice whispered and the locker door opened.
Pearl overwhelmed with everything decided to place her head into the dark blue locker door. Her body collided into the metal and she groaned in pain and fell to the ground. Her glasses smashed onto the tiled floor and she tried to get up when she heard a roar of laughter.
“Cut it out, Dot!” A voice cried and Pearl felt herself be lifted onto her feet. The hands adjusted the skirt and placed her glasses into her hand.
Pearl placed the broken glasses on her face to see a spider web cracked in the right lens and the puffy hair girl, April from her photograph.
“April?” Pearl asked.