Sunday, September 28, 2014

Story Excerpt: Masquerade

“But our love was not of that kind… not the epic, beautiful, fairytale kind… It was eternal, destructive, forbidden love...”

The pulsating beat slowly came to a cease to their ears as the only sound around was their racing heart beats. He spins her gracefully as her body left his embrace for the quick moment. His warm fingertips met with her soft cold hands as she blushed at the spark ignited. He swept her off her feet as she kept her head facing down in fear of embarrassment. He grinned wildly at the power of his emotions in a simple action but was brought out of his trance by the thunderous applause.

She broke away from as the applause continued and she slipped away among all the others in the room.  He could hear his name being called as the applause stopped and everyone was staring at him in amusement. He saw his best friend motioning towards the center of the room where a man was holding a crown and smiling. He walked towards the man who placed the gaudy piece on his head laughing. He looked into the crowd and couldn’t find the beauty he just held within his arms. She was dressed in a dark purple gown that hugged all her curves in the right places. Dark long curls framed her oval tanned face and her dark piercing brown eyes that seem to glow beneath her gold and purple mask.

He lifted his own mask the red and black one when he felt a body collide with his. She was a short female with golden hair in tight curls wearing a red dress smiling madly at him. The announcer places a tiara on her head as she was now presented as his Queen for the evening. They were whisked onto the dance floor to a sappy song as she sighed happily. He looked around the room to see his beauty standing by the big bay doors with the moon light illuminating her. Their eyes met for once last time in love before she walked away into the night. He felt the tug on his tie and looked down at the golden girl who leans up and kisses his lips. Sweet cheers went around the room and he looked around seeing others adorned in dresses and suits.

They all wore mask like him but he could easily tell who was who. He wanted to see his True Beauty within the crowd like the others but she was nowhere in sight. The applause again brought him back to reality and he pulled away from the golden girl followed his lead. Everyone was heading towards the exit to enter their chariots to end the evening right. His hands automatically slipped into the golden girl’s. They walked towards a small crowd of rambunctious people and joined into the silly festivities.

His true beauty was standing next to his best friend who was telling a joke but she wouldn’t dare glance his way. He heard his golden’s voice but his eyes were on his true beauty’s every move that finally looked at him. “Nathan” She whispered sweetly and his dimples appeared on his face. “Yeah Desiree” He said back as he gave her a once over. “Your girlfriend is talking to you” Desiree his Beauty said and pointed to the golden girl who rolled her eyes. “Erika” Nathan said turning to the girl now annoyed by the act between the two. “Leo you taking me home?” Desiree asked Nathan’s best friend who nodded yes.

This is how it was for Nathan … he was in love with his best friend Desiree who was currently dating his other best friend Leo who was brother to his current girlfriend of two years Erika. He sighed at just the thought of the drama in his head but one look at his beauty and he was washed with relief.  He watched as Leo walk Desiree towards his car before waving to him in pleasantries. Nathan looked at her one more time before disappearing into the car as he wish to dance with her one more time.

He officially fell in love with his best friend on Prom Night.

Can it get more cliché? It wasn’t always this difficult it all started one year ago ….

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

2014 Book Haul

642 Things to Write About By San Francisco Writers' Grotto
Venom by Fiona Paul
Belladonna by Fiona Paul
Embrace Series by Jessica Shirvington
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Venom & Belladonna by Fiona Paul

I havent had the chance to start these two books yet because I have been so behind re-modeling my apartment. From the looks of it it seems like a nice romance fantasy novel and hopefully be a great addition to my collections. I will start Book #1 Venom this week during my time off of work.  I actually won these books in a giveaway and they are signed by the Miss Amazing Fiona Paul. 

Embrace Series by Jessica Shirvington

Talk about Love at first book. Its rare that I have obsessed over a book series since Harry Potter. I actually found the first book during a random Barnes & Noble hang out with my best friend Ariel and Lia. After book one I became hooked and had to have the rest so I did. The last one Empower made me go insane because it didnt release till mid this year. I do regret reading it fast (yes its that amazing). Going to re-read them in October as honor to my Birth-Month-Day.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Not my usual type of book but my old boss Espy said its a great book for me. I didnt like it at first but after truly giving it a chance it is inspiring. The journey the boy goes on to find his "treasure" give the reader a push to find themselves in their own journey. I tabbed certain parts of the story because it had such a strong message to me and my life.

642 Things to Write About By San Francisco Writers' Grotto

This is my latest purchase from Amazon. Its a book all about Journal Prompts. Lately I have had a writing slump because I have so many beginnings but no middle or ends. Its a great book and has so many different prompts ranging from something simple as "Girl sits in a coffee shop and a stranger speaks to her" to "Dragon lost its bike in a time warp".  I cant wait till I truly utilize it! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Growing Life/Growing Up

 Ever since I found out I was having a daughter my life flipped upside down. It definitely showed me who is a true friend and true family. The type of person I have grown to be is an intelligent woman with lots of stubbornness. Even now two of my closest friends want to throw me a baby shower and refusal spews from me.

As the weeks grow closer and my “Dominirican Princess” as my friends like to joke is going to her make her grand arrival. It makes me realize that there are so many lessons as a female to teach her. Growing up with just a Father made me lack well female tendencies.

Tomboy Fashion
Lack of Knowledge of Makeup
How to be Ladylike was not a forte

My life was hanging with my abundance of guy friends, playing softball and being oddly weird till recently. The shift of trust from others, the interesting but laughable lies spread about me and overall lack of support showed me I need to be …


I want my Daughter to grow up with so much support and love that she will one day rule the world. That being a opinionated female is perfect and that no one should make her feel less of herself. That she will not always be liked and not to dwell on that. Her body is hers and when comes to her body it should ALWAYS be her choice.

Whoever she loves I will love man, woman or even no one. No one can stop her dreams and the possibilities are endless. She can speak freely to me about everything and anything. That even though family is blood related does not make them family. Blood doesn’t make family love and support do.

That God Loves her
That her Father Loves her
And most Importantly

I love Her <3

Monday, September 8, 2014

Story Excerpt: Blue Blood 2: Prologue

As the orange heated rays beamed into the death trap called a supposed car. He rubbed his tired green eyes as he stretched out in the backseat. Grunting as the smell of old ground dirt filled his nostrils and he glared at the two in front of him. Sitting upright and scratching the back of his head he was officially awake.

Looking out the window he saw nothing but sand on top of more sands with a random cactus once in a while. It had to be at least 98 degrees in the desert but he didn’t care not when he was a mission. Reaching forward to grab a cup filled with brown gunk he glanced at the couple in front of him. Smirking he knew their minds were elsewhere but still alert on the other one.

He watched the girl lean her head on the window closing her eyes slightly from heat exhaustion. Her now golden brown curly hair tinted with blond highlights woven into a messy bun. Her skinned even darker from the dreadful sun made her brown eyes seem lighter. She pulled at her sea foam green scarf around her neck matched with her sleeveless white button down shirt.

Smiling at the now woken man in her backseat she offered a piece of her pastry. He snatched it out her hand with greed and leaned comfortable in his seat. She didn’t understand why he always wanted to wear a simple black tee sometimes with a design and dark jeans. She was grateful at the shorts on her legs and her brown cowboy boots.

Leaning her head back onto the window she peaked out her left eye to look at the driver. He was clenching the steering wheel as he drove down the empty road. She could read that even though he tried to seem relax he really wasn’t. She watched his minute movements of his jaw clenching once in a while as the dust picked up.

He was dressed in his usual attire of a white v neck tee shirt and jeans shorts. He was still the same quiet but quizzical mind of a guy she fell in love with. He caught her staring at him so he smirked slightly as his dimpled showed. Turning away with a slight blush she grabbed the tattered map in between them. It had been the same routine for the past month.

Looking in different unknown towns for what the three hoped to find, Revenge. Zoning in on what their next target was she smiled as the trial was finally warming up again.  Traveling from the concrete jungle to what was the hottest desert in the United States.  Mojave Desert deep in The Golden State was going to be their new home for a few weeks.

‘Welcome to Mojave’ appeared of their heads as the slowed their driving down just a bit. The scorching heat was at its peak and it just seemed to fit in well with their ambiance. The three stood attentive at the new scene it the weather and the trail finally in synch. Slipping on her silver aviators and glancing at the residents in the desolate area.

She lowered the window and could taste the salty sand in between her lip glossed lips. It seemed small, intimate, very relic but they knew despite the size a secret was hidden in those clay walls.  “I feel it” The first words spoken in the last 48 hours to one another since their last rest stop. She ran a hand through her hair feeling the same thing he felt.

She turned to the backseat as his eyes squared on every single person he saw. The tension rose as they tried to find what they were looking. The car stopped in a semi empty parking lot by a old motel. As the car turned off they each took a deep breath knowing it was all going to change. It was that tip they received on their doorstep that brought them to that very spot.

It seems to arrive just as the release day of the fellow passenger like a sign to find the answers to their questions. The gravel and sand crunched underneath her boots as she stepped out the vehicle. This had to be it after 5 dead towns with dead ends she felt the answers were here. The doors slammed next to her as she turned to the two males with quizzical looks. “I feel it too” Her words confirmed their suspicions. “You sure” The driver asked as he scratched the back of neck.

 “Sure as my name is Evee Diaz”