Thursday, February 19, 2015

Story Excerpt: Phoenix Sisters

A story I wrote years ago that definitely needs to be revamped with new characters/ new names, storyline and grammar but it had great potential.


 Chapter 1    

 The knife punctured the woman as her screams were softened by the groans erupting in her. She collapsed to the floor clutching her stomach in excruciating pain looking at her assailant standing over her. Her green eyes starting to close but she wanted to see her assailant to remember all the details. She could hear her own heartbeat in her head getting louder and louder.

She looked up and saw his dark brown eyes staring at her dying on the floor. The little strength she had left she grabbed onto his leg trying to pull herself up. He looked at her with a hint of taunting in his eyes and lifted his leg kicking her back onto the floor. She yelped in pain letting the tears spill from her eyes.

He sighs and leans down looking at the dying woman. She started to speak and he just simply put his finger onto her lips to silence her. He opened his locket and her eyes opened in terror as her body started to morph into a spirit form. The screams of terror and pain floated around the room as she got sucked into the locket.

The screams echoed into a living room across town as popcorn flew all over the room. “MELANIE!” Charlotte screamed at the younger girl. “Blame Alex she slapped me” Melanie said. The light was turned on by the eldest sister who sheepishly smiled at her younger sisters. “Ugh Lexi” Charlotte groaned and pulled out popcorn from her shirt.

“You guys are straight up punks” Alexandra said. Both Melanie and Charlotte shot her dirty looks considering she was the one who jumped on the girls. Alexandra laughed and walked to the kitchen to get the broom to clean up the mess. She heard a knock on the kitchen door and opened it to see her boyfriend of eight years standing there.

“Miguel its girls night get lost” Charlotte said walking into the room with the big bowl of popcorn. “Hey Charlie” Miguel Reyes said and smirked while closing the door behind him. He leaned down to kiss Alexandra when Melanie walked in screaming in horror. “Oh that scares you” Alex teased before kissing Miguel back.

Miguel laughed and held his girlfriend in his arms as the younger girls made disgusting faces at their big sister. “Aren’t you suppose to be like shooting at your friends” Melanie said before putting popcorn into her mouth. Miguel rolled his eyes at her as Alexandra smacked her while grabbing some popcorn as well.

 Miguel study the three sisters very well as each was different and very much alike.

Alexandra Hamilton the eldest of the Hamilton sister was the shortest of the bunch with her dark black curly hair and dark tan skin. She was the most serious but had the heart of a child even though she was almost finishing her last year in University.

Charlotte was the middle child she was the tallest of the three but not that much taller than the two. She had dark brown curly hair that always was in a ponytail and was the lightest one. She always had her head stuck in school books considering she was the nerd with her 3.9 GPA in her sophomore year of college.

 Then there was the baby Melanie who was taller than Alex but just a little shorter than Charlotte. She was the darkest sister with short light brown curly locks. Melanie was the last Hamilton sister to still be in high school her senior year no doubt but she was the carefree emotional sister keeping her sisters level headed.

“And that is why you need to dumped the idiot” Charlotte said winking at Miguel who shook his head.  “Hey! Leave me baby alone” Alex said glaring at her younger sister. Miguel smirked at the two while his green eyes shone with mischievous. Miguel standing 6’2, tanned skinned and a very fit athlete had no problems having other girls follow him around but most of the 7th grade he spent following Alex around but that was eight years ago.

Those two was very much in love with one another yet no one would understand why the two didn’t just get married. “Right Charlie because your boyfriend is so amazing” Miguel teased back at her. “I don’t have time for one” Charlotte said and left the room. “Right” Alex teased as Charlotte groaned from the other room. Melanie giggled and stood in the room with the anxious couple who were just staring at her.

“It’s my kitchen too” Melanie said and stood there eating popcorn. Melanie’s sidekick started to vibrate and she quickly flipped it open before looking at Miguel a little freighted and left the room. “I need to know his name” Miguel called after her. Alex laughed and melted into Miguel’s arms lovingly.

“How you doing baby?” He asked kissing her forehead. “A lot better now that you here the girls are being you know weird lately” Alex said as He ran his fingers through her dark locks. “Well Daniel kept trying to talk to Charlie but you know she is stubborn and Landon talks to Mels but she seems to avoid the subject” Miguel said bring his brothers into the question.

The Reyes brothers grew up next door to the Hamilton sisters since birth basically best friends since the start. Miguel had two younger brothers Daniel and Landon each boy was best friends with one of the sisters. Daniel and Charlotte seemed to have their secret relationship going on since the 10th grade a little more than just best friends.

While Landon and Melanie were the babies of the group and seemed more as siblings than anyone of the group. The death of the sister’s parent came to a shock of them five years ago and their anniversary was coming up just in a few weeks.

“I don’t know but lets go upstairs to my room” Alex said and grabbed Miguel’s hand. Charlotte was laying in the couch texting on her phone and gave the couple a weird look as they passed by her to go upstairs. “USE A CONDOM!” Charlotte screamed as Alex shot her a dirty look. She smiled and shrugged going back to her text message. Alex screamed back “TELL YOUR BOO BOO I SAID HI”.

Charlotte rolled her eyes and went back to the texts. Melanie was dancing to music as Miguel knocked on her door. Melanie quickly put her phone away and turned down the music. “How long you’ve been there?” Melanie asked looking extremely embarrassed. “Long enough to know you put black people to shame” He teased mimicking her. She smacked him and threw her self onto her purple bed.

You ok Melly?” He asked sincerely. “Yeah Papa M” She said and smiled at him before turning over. “Okay I’m going to be in Alex’s room” He said as he was leaving. “Oh god I need headphones” Melanie said before looking for her iPod. Miguel laughed and walked into Alex’s room who was on the laptop playing a game. “Um no, no laptop we kiss now” Miguel said closing the laptop.

“MIGUEL! NO I was winning ugh your such a jerk keep it in your pants” Alex aid opening the laptop. “Why did I come in here then” Miguel asked sitting up. “To talk and hang out with me me” Alex said. “I prefer kissing” Miguel said and pouted at her. “No! besides I need your help with the girls” Alex said. “Angelita they don’t want to talk” He said trying to sympathize.

“I’m there big sister they need to talk to me” Alex said. “Yeah but they don’t want to give them time” Miguel said and turned on the TV. The TV was flashing with breaking news of a woman murder just an hour ago. “Oh my god” Alex said. “I know” Miguel said shaking his head in disappointment. “Miguel No …Charlotte dreamt about this” Alex said and looked at Miguel in shock.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Story Excerpt: Thirteen - Chapter 2

Part 2

“I just fell flat on my ass and she saw it, I don’t even have a chance with her” Logan said. “You don’t know that Logan” Ashley said. “So why don’t you give Eli a try then, I mean Ash it’s been like this between you two since 7th grade!” Logan said. “Then why don’t you ask Nicole!” Ashley said.  “I will if you will” Logan said as Ashley rolled her eyes. “Nicole is sweet and nice, Elijah is a … jerk sometimes you know” Ashley said. “Yes he is and sometimes you’re bitchy” Logan said as Ashley lightly slapped his arm.

Logan chuckled at her reaction and grinned knowing he was right. “Nicole is a junior well now a senior, I’m going to college … it would be hard” He said shrugging. “You guys are the same age though, like the same things and last I checked mister you have a laptop with a webcam” Ashley said. “Ok, Ok, Ok, I will but try to give Eli a chance please” Logan said. “No promises!” Ashley said as Logan walked towards the party.

 Logan walked into the party and started his search for the reddish brunette girl his heart pounded for. He saw her laughing at a joke someone was telling and he grinned stupidly before walking into Allen. Allen threw his hands in the air as the spilled drink was all over him. Logan smiled sheepishly at Allen who glared at him. Nicole saw Logan and waved sweetly as Logan walked into the wall. Jacob and Mohamed shared a chuckle watching at Logan's shyness. Logan walked over to the two chuckling boys shaking his head in shame.

“Really!” Logan mumbled and Mohammed laughed in his face. “What the hell dude!” Mohammed said. “Shouldn’t you be mixing Kayne West with Cascada somewhere” Logan joked. “Your brother is making some underclassmen take over” Mohammed said. “So what’s with the wall smacking thing?” Jacob asked. “I sort of was going to ask Nicole to dance or talk but for some reason I just suck at coordination at the moment” Logan said “Nicole nice” Jacob said smirking. “Don’t you like Brooke?” Mohammed said. “Don’t you like Lilah?” Jacob shot back.  “Okay that is we need to get some balls and talk to these girls man” Logan said.

“What you mean! I am chilling with Brooke all night I got balls” Jacob said proudly. “Did you dance with her yet or touch her besides her trying to beat you up?” Mohammed said as Jacob glared at him. “It’s a process!” Jacob said. “A very slow one” Logan said when Nicole slid next to him. “Hey Logan” Nicole said and waved to the other boys. “Um hey Nicole” Logan stuttered. “Want to dance?” Nicole asked. “Really! With me?” Logan asked surprised. “Just promise not to fall” Nicole added with a giggled.  “No promise there” Mohammed said sipping his drink. “Sure no problem” Logan said punching Mohammed in the arm.

“Here come Lilah and Kiera” Jacob said as Delilah was pushed in front of Mohammed by Kiera. “Jacob, Brooke is looking for you something about you being slower than molasses” Kiera said as confusion crossed her face. “Oh man this girl is a pain” Jacob grumbled walking away from the three and passed Allen who was trying to dance to some reggae. “Hey mon” Allen said as he approached Kiera. “No more punch for you silly” Kiera said giggling. “Delilah what are you wearing?” Allen asked as he noticed the large button down shirt.