Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Story Excerpt: Brotherhood

This is a story I am working on that I really fell in love with. It started out years ago about two siblings and then I recently expanded it five siblings. Brotherhood is about family, love and the struggle of being a unit when there are five very different spirits living in one home. Its inspired by a friend who had to start taking care of his siblings at a young age.

I introduce to you excerpts of an excerpt. 

I introduce the Santiago siblings.


Hearing the familiar beep of cops he threw away the cigarette and tried to run. He made it a few feet before he was slammed into the brick wall by a heavy set Caucasian male. Struggling against the wall the cop slammed him once again making him wince in pain. “Name?” Knowing his brothers were going to kill him, he decided to keep quiet as they searched him for other illegal items. He knew he didn’t have any so he let the search continue when he felt them grab his wallet. Sighing as they opened it and his name flew from their lips. 

“Ezra Santiago”


She knew her brothers wouldn’t agree with their little sister dressed in a tight gold glitter dress in a club. She was the baby of the family, she was supposed to be the one with her head in the books, but instead she is the one who sneaks out. She winked at a few men in the front as they whistled loudly as a response. The future doctor was secretly in love with being a blue singer in a dim bar far out in Harlem. The last beats played out on the drums as she closed her hazel eyes to the crowd.  She stepped back as the host of the club took the microphone from her. 

“Destiny Santiago” 


“Yo, Yo, Yo what is going on tonight?” His voice boomed as everyone began to cheer him on. Smirking at the praise he was denied in his home, but received in abundance at parties. “You already know who it is its AGS also known as Aide the money man, this is for all the single ladies in the crowd tonight”. He scratched the new song into another and the women cheered when they heard Trey Songz began to sing. His coworker with bright yellow headphones turned to him 

“You are one crazy dude Aiden Santiago” 


Packing his briefcase with some of the folders of paper he heard the familiar whirring. The paper smoothly came out and a smile graced his face. “Hey Santiago go home already, I promised your brother I go easy” Turning to see a woman with a smile and a bottle of soda. “Ok thanks Lacey” He said and closed the suitcase. “Don’t worry Gabe it’ll get better, tell everyone I said Hi” She whispered as he grabbed his jacket off the chair. 

Smiling at her he rushed out the office before someone shouted "Gabriel Santiago"


Being the eldest of his five made it a mundane routine of frustrations. Knowing that Ezra and Destiny were the youngest made it harder on him, especially since they had the huge age gap from him. By now he would have been pushed to the side, barely thanked and alone in the kitchen in about five minutes.  Seeing two post it’s on the fridge, he snatched it off reading Aiden’s chicken scratch that he had a last minute gig and that no one was allowed to sleep on his couch. The next one had more of a flow of it and it was Destiny’s. She had written that a last minute study group sprang up and not to wait up for her. Rummaging through the brown bag he reached in for his pork fried rice and general Tso chicken. Thanking the Lord for the empty silence for the few seconds he had and smells the aroma of the food. Reaching for his fork the house phone began to ring and he groaned.

 “Romeo Santiago speaking”


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Book Review: The Berenstain Bears Storybook Bible for Little Ones by Jan & Mike Berenstain

The Berenstain Bears Storybook Bible for Little Ones by

Rating: 4.5 /5 Stars
 The Berenstain Bears Storybook Bible for Little Ones is about retelling biblical stories through the Berenstain Bears. The book is retelling the tales of the bibilical stories in terms understandable by children. It simplifies all these classic . This book is perfect for elementary aged school who are learning about what to be thankful tales and invites kids to understand important lessons with a familiar cartoon.
This book is just a fun read for families and children to learn about God and lessons.