Monday, October 27, 2014

Story Excerpt: Breaking Down Part II - Nanowrimo 2014

Tale as old as Time

Summertime was to consist of repetitive trips to the beach, trips to Mr. Softee and scary stories over bonfires.

Well not this summer.

Trees were lush filled with dark green leaves and bright blue skies cast over a small playground. Loud screams of children in glee to be playing with their friends and newly made ones. A man sat down watching a small boy wearing a plaid button down and rugged jeans jump from the jungle gym. Shaking his head at the dangerous acts of his son he returned to his iPhone.

A shadow cast over him and a slender woman dressed in black jean cutoffs and a plain white v neck tee stood over him. “Is that seat taken?” She had pointed to the empty space neck to him on the green bench. “No go ahead”. Dropping her bag onto the seat she sat next to him and looked around the park. Once again he looked at his son who was surrounded by a few little girls who were giggling at him.

“Is that your son?” Her voice was soft and quaint with a slight British accent. Glancing at her he noticed her soft graham color hair and olive tanned skin. Jade color eyes stared into his brown and he smiled. “Yes that’s my boy, he seems to be quite a hit” He commented. “He seems like a charming young soul” She tittered and he smiled tightly.

He nodded and watched his son run up the slide and push a small child away. “Hey!” He yelled and his son with curly hair frowned. From the looks of it his son offered an apology and it was accepted. “Children these days” He shook his head and chuckled. “I understand never had any of my own but my sister’s daughters, quite horrid buggers” She added.

Both chuckling they smiled once again at each other. “Are they here?” He asked as she pointed to a pair of blonde girls playing in the small sandbox. “Sister needed a break she just moved here and instantly fell in love with the area, good vibes here she mused” The woman said and glanced around the sunny park. It was the beginning of May but it felt as if the humid of July had arrived.

“Are you from London? I mean England” He asked and rubbed his face in embarrassment. “Yes not London but actually Hesston, small area, Victorian homes” She said and twirled her hair. “I grew up here my whole life so it’s not that wonderful to me, I actually got into my first fight right by those swings”. “For a girl” She added. He turned to her in curiosity as how she knew that.

Chuckling she answered his look. “It is always for a girl trust me”. “Do you plan on staying here in the states for awhile?” Nodding and smiling at him. “My sister needs help adjusting who better than me!” She giggled and he joined in before leaning out his hand towards her. “You should tell me your name” He asked. Sighing she squinted her right eye and mumbled only if he did as well. “On three” “1,2,3”



Monday, October 20, 2014

Journal: Notebook Addiction

My notebook addiction started probably around the age of six years old. My brother Robert had given me a small A4 Journal that had a small turtle on it. It had my chicken scratch filled with vocabulary words, what I did in after school and what a six year old though was secrets. Its currently either lost in the world or was thrown away during the many times we moved. 

After that I used one of my extra school composition notebook and colored in each white space with a color from my markers. I wrote my first story which was a Card Captors Fanfiction story. Once again another journal that was probably thrown away by my Father. He never understood the love or obsession I had. 

My current collection started in 2001 and now in 2014 I have about 65 Notebooks! I intend to get a lot more!

My Insane five shelf bookshelf is about six feet tall. Its stuffed as you can tell with my favorite novels, memorabilia and Disney DVD collection. A few things of my Fiancee are there too like his Dragon Ball Z set and some video games.

My First Notebook shelf has all my non-special spirals and composition notebooks. Some of these are blank while others have story ideas, recipes and hand-written stories. I also keep my writing utensils, post-its and tiny stationery kit to the right. 

The second notebook shelf has my special journals that I am currently obsessed with. Ranges from leather bound journals to over-sized sketchbooks. This is also where I keep all my binders, folders and trapper keeper. 
Cherry Blossom Girl - Therapy Journal
Turquoise & Brown Pattern - Love Journal for Fiancee and I
Brown Orchids - Wishlist, Goals, Dreams and Poetry

My Piccadailly Spirals that I bought from Barnes and Noble. These beautiful large spiral bound notebooks are rarely sold around New York City Barnes and Nobles. I wish I would of splurged on these when I first saw them back in 2008. I would of bought as many as I could! So if anyone knows where in NYC where I can get some please drop it below! 

Spiral Journals which I usually get from Staples or left over school supplies from my old job! These are usually my story idea journals. As well as some for recipes that I want to do! They are usually Staples brand and my one Five Star Spiral for School!

My babies aka Composition Notebooks. Most of these are filled with either hand written stories or "diaries" from over the years. The top level is all my colored ones and the bottom one are my usual black and white. The brand I purchase the most are Mead and I get them from Staples. 

Specialty Journals
These are Journals that I usually receive as gifts from others. Some I actually won in Giveaways and some were given to me by Coworkers. I have some great brands like Piccadilly, Handmade Italian Leather and Peter Pauper Press. These are my rarely used ones because I fear of messing one page up or not fill it up correctly.  Some are from Target or Barnes and Nobles.

Specialty Journals
More specialty journals usual hardcovers and extra special ones. The Moon Goddess journal was a birthday gift from my Fiancee and is my current diary for 2013 - 2014. The rest are blank and wont probably be used till 2015! These can be purchase on Etsy, Amazon or Barnes & Nobles.

The Pink Journal with Fairy and Dog is my Oldest Journal to date its from when I was eleven! So date that back to 2001 so yeah that's a 13 year old journal filled with poems, diary moments from 6th Grade and "spells". 

The brown journal was laser cut with a special quote and its my most recent journal. It was given to me in April and is just beautiful. Right now it has yet to be used but I cant wait to fill it up. 
Writing Utensils 

Sharpies fine point pens ranging from red to gold, Rollerball black ink pens and Bic Mechanical Pencils. This all can be purchased at Staples, the best tine to get these are at Back to School sales. Its either a dollar or 50% off price. 

Writing and Notebooks are my life!

Stay writing! 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

NaNoWriMo Prep 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014 

This year, NaNo is definitely going to be a hard one yet! With NaNo coinciding with my pregnancy [8th Month] it’s going to be tricky. I have yet to actually sit down and work on my idea for 2014 but have decided what it will be.

I am going to be working on Novel Two in my series “Second Step”.

Things to be done in October
  • Re-Read Book 1
  • Write Down Questions I have
  • Write down storylines that were not completely finished
  • Decided which characters will be featured in “Second Step”
  • Create Time Line for Novel [20 Chapters]
  • New Characters short Bios
See a lot has to be done just so November can go somewhat smoothly.  I already have my two journals picked out for this project and pens. Some more research to do and allow the ideas to flow.

Things to be done in November 
  • Attend Kickoff [Day before my Birthday technically in October]
  • Write
  • Write
  • Possibly attend an Write In
  • Write
  • Read
  • Re-Write
  • Maybe go to TGIO
Obviously this is not something that will be done in a month but I do at least want Part 1 to be done for “Second Step” [10 Chapters/50+ Pages].

My Region is New York City
You guys can add me -> Phoenix-Trinity 

Kick Off will be at 

Woodrow's [Party Room]
43 Murray St, New York, NY
Tuesday, October 28 2014
 6pm – 10pm

Subway Stations
Chambers Street: 1, 2, 3
Brooklyn Hall 4, 5, 6

Happy Writing