Thursday, June 26, 2014

Breaking Down

After putting up some excerpts and recently winning a second contest. I decided to show you guys my paperback novel I published about a year and a half ago. My friend Kenrick teased me and said I am one lucky bunny. [I tend to win a lot of things!] 


Charlotte Diaz can be described as sweet, cheerleader and Mental Hospital Escapee!


The cavern walls were seeping liquid ooze and dripped down onto cracks of the grounds which had purple steam geysers. She could tell she was no longer pregnant and this wasn’t obviously the hospital. She took a step forward and a grunt of effort slipped between her lips. A small hole led two different roads and she still had to follow the hums.

Was this point of Elliot’s plan? She didn’t understand his motivates was torture, blunt straight to the point this was more of a maze. Leaning against the walls her hands picked up the light green goo and she made a face. It was disgusting and made her cringe at the sight of it on her hand. Rubbing it against the silk of her gown and followed the hum again.

She really wished for her converse to be on her feet and sucked in her teeth. The ground was getting colder the further she walked and it was traveling up her body. “Vince? Danny? Mom?” She called and saw a light come from an opening down. She quickly hurried towards it hoping to be back with her family. Even if it was to fight Elliot she would have some type of clue where she was.

Bookshelves Soon!

Book Two to be Published within the Month 


Monday, June 23, 2014

Story Excerpt: Full Circle Part 5

Farrah clasped her bouncing curls in a tight ponytail and looked in the mirror. Going back to Rowling University she was determined to be a stronger woman. After telling Teresa the truth about what her mother told her Teresa bounded her daughter’s powers.

Your mother was one of the strongest of her kind Farrah, now I know you can be soft like pudding but I need you to be strong and on your toes. I really wished you stood here in Sound Plains and not so far” Teresa had lectured one night. Farrah couldn’t stay in that neighborhood not with the memories, not with the nightmares and surely not alone. She kindly declined the stay and wanted to quickly run from the sympathetic looks.

Telling everyone of the home invasion was just one big hoax and the neighbors slept with one eye open every night. Dressed in a black tee shirt and tight jeans Farrah could barely see her old self. She wasn’t Most Friendliest at Prep Academy but more of and harden blonde who decided maybe Art wasn’t the way to go. She sighed as she heard the doorbell go off again and grunted. She was tired of the dinners and the looks, the fake hugs and cards.

Stomping down the stairs and swinging the door opened her she raised an eyebrow but didn’t look at her suitor. “Farrah?” His voice shocked her as she smiled at the mysterious stranger. It was Elliot holding a bouquet of roses and she blushed. “El what are you doing here?” It scared her. Her voice trembled with vulnerability and he picked up on it.

You ok?” His voice soothed her in a way she didn’t understand and she began to tremble lightly. “Babe what’s wrong?” He began to go inside when he heard a deep voice behind him. “Far you ok?” Elliot turned to see Jayden standing there in a letterman jacket a simple daisy. “Yeah man she ok” Elliot gritted and glared at the guy who grunted back at him.

Who the hell are you!” Jayden was surprised at himself but didn’t show it and wasn’t going to back down. “Jay relax uh look El go inside I’ll be in a second to explain” Farrah whispered. Elliot shook his head and entered the home as Farrah closed the door. “Jay that wasn’t nice, gosh you don’t have to be such a meathead sometimes” She scolded as he rolled his eyes.

He couldn’t believe it he was just checking on but she just had to be stubborn as usual. The wind nipped at their skin and she shivered. “Far stop being stubborn once, I came to check on you and ask if you wanted to join the old gang down town.” He asked. She shook her head no and crossed her arms in frustration. The wind picked up and she rocked back and forth on her heel. It was a habit she formed in middle school to show she was uncomfortable and he knew that.

He leaned against the post of her porch and blew out a slow breathe. It smoothly fell from his lips into the air and Farrah wiped her cheek in the uncomfortable silence she created. “Sarah’s pregnant” He announced and she widen her eyes. “Yep same reaction Julio had it explains why she pushed him away, they decided to get married and stay here”.

Farrah mouthed a wow and sat on the porch banister taking in the information. “Does Teresa know?” She asked. He shook his head no and stuffed his hands in his pockets. “You crazy Sarah would cringe at the thought of her mom finding out … look about your mom I’m sorry you know she was like a mom to me. I need you to know I am going to help find out who did this.” He said as he took a step closer to her as she held her hands up in defensive.

Don’t Jay besides how do you plan to do that if the cops don’t even care” She whispered. She looked down at her sneakers and scuffed the front of it against the pattern of the porch. “I’m going to join the Academy become a cop and maybe I’ll be able to finally take care of you” He began and she gaped. Was he seriously trying to form a relationship right now with her a few days after her family’s death.

Jay I cannot do this right now with you! Not now and not never my boyfriend came all the way from school to see me and he needs me” Farrah faltered off as Jayden’s eyes clouded over. She didn’t even realize what she said before it was too late. Taking a step towards Jayden he shoved her back from him as he sighed.

Far you’ve changed ever since you went to University you turned into a total wacked case! I don’t care if that’s your boyfriend I don’t care I cared for you but if you want to push your past away fine! Go ahead you will regret it in the end” His words cut through her skin and she held her forearms close to her chest. Placing the solitude yellow daisy on the porch he walked away without saying one more word.

Happy First Birthday Inksoaked Page

When I first started my blog it was encouraged by my friends, and Google+ homies. I was unsure if blogging was more, as I started one in 2009 but it was more of a diary type thing. Not very focused on anything but then I realized why not talk about writing, I was doing it on Facebook and I had a Wordpress that I left to collect dust. Now a year later and I have a platform to grow with as a person, student and writer! 
I just want to send a small thanks to my friends, family and supporters on this year of blogging. 
Here is to another year where I can expand, make friends and turn Inksoaked into something more. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Story Excerpt: The Blacktop - Chapter 1

Completely Unedited story from 2005

Lucas Lee saw the sun shining in through his blinds waking him from his slumber. His fourteen year old stomach wanted him to eat but his body just buried himself into his bed. His clock went off alarming him that his twin brother was on his way. Lucas Damien Lee son of Kelly Jones, Damien Lee, twin brother to Nicholas Michael Lee and best guy friend to the Teenage Charlie’s Angel.

Lucas Lee had Shaggy blond hair that covered his jade color eyes and he was already 5’10 and was going to keep going growing. His twin brother Nicholas was the total opposite. Nick had dark brown hair, cerulean eyes and was 5’6 but seem to grow a little.

Lucas love basketball and football due to all the running and adrenaline. Nicholas loved basketball and baseball due to the complicated plays. Nicholas was born 20 minutes after Lucas so he was dubbed the younger brother. Kelly Jones use to be Kelly Lee but when the boys were merely seven she and Damien divorced which led to the separation.

Damien was custody of Nicholas and Kelly of Lucas which led to the brother not really liking the other parent of not choosing them. Lucas dressed in some warm-up clothes and walked onto the porch waiting patiently. He heard footstep approaching him and saw his mother Kelly walking towards him with a tray of warm drinks.

Kelly was a beautiful women she had long dark brown hair and cerulean eyes she was the girl version of Nick. “Hey Ma” He whispered tiredly sitting on the railing and grabbed a hot chocolate. “Hey sweetie waiting for Nicky and your dad” She said roughing up his shaggy hair and smiling. “Yeah Nicky and I are going to do a jog and then play some football” He said taking a sip.

Then a brunette with green streaks ran onto the porch in tears. “Guys are such jackasses” She cried into Kelly. “Whoa Sams what happened?” Luke asked. “My dad is sending me to LA to be with my Aunt Rena and she has like a million cats” She cried. Samantha was the drama queen the Charlie’s Angel and the most daring.

She dyes her hair different colors; loves to play dares and all the boys love her. She has emerald colored eyes, long dark brown hair which usually streaked with colors and was already blossoming into a woman. “Sam calm down it’s just for the summer besides Jazzy and Izzy are going away too” Luke said. “Shut up Jazz is going to New York City to freaking study art and Isabella is going to Italy to visit her Papo” Sam cried.

As on cue Nicholas, Damien, Isabella and Jasmine showed up. “Hey Nick” Jazz said passing by him to a pouting Samantha. Jasmine had long beautiful blonde hair and sapphire eyes to go with it. She was the talented one and loved art but was shy at points because she thinks boys don’t like her. Then Isabella the shortest but the smartest girl out of the Charlie angel’s.

Hey Uncle Damien, Nicky” Izzy said zooming past them and onto the porch. Isabella had light brown hair that went past her shoulders and chocolate colored eyes, she talks a lot if she knows you but she is every ones friend.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Spring in New York City 2014

Crotona Park  [Pond]
Knicks Court[Madison Square Garden]
Union Square Fountain
Sky [Fire Escape] 
Crotona Park Fountain [Pond]

Monday, June 2, 2014

Story Excerpt: Pieces of a Novel

A story I started years ago with no intentions to finish it


Dark gray clouds filled the skies as the sunlight dissipated from the once brighten blue. The rain starts to pour onto the dark black streets as the sounds of honking and skidding fills the neighborhood. You can hear the innocence of children’s laughter as they run down the street into puddles that started to form. The wind blows and cold air takes over the atmosphere barring the streets of people.

She places her hand onto the window of her home and looks down onto the street. The icy cold feeling on her fingertips as the window is fogged up from the steam in her home. She lets her hand falter a little and pulls away leaving behind her hand-print.  She walks across her carpeted floor bare footed and looks back at the window. Her hand print still visible as it slowly started to fog once again.

A small smile evidently left on her lips as she opens the door to her darkened room and crawls back into bed. Her comforter engulfing her in as her eyes starts to shut as the noisy buzz from the TV let her fall into her slumber. The loud noise of a ringing makes her shoot up from her bed and grabs the annoyance of the moment. “Hello” Her voice whispered still asleep but sweetly.

Hi” He speaks and her head drops a little as she runs a hand through her dark curly hair. “I thought I told you not to call me anymore” She spoke sharply as anger filled through her body. She was now sitting against the headboard of her bed legs crossed and the phone gripped in her hands. “I just needed to talk to you … please Gen” He began. “Goodbye Nicholas” Gen began.

No wait Gens please” he begged as he knew that her patience was running thin with him. “What?” Gen said as she glanced at what the TV was playing. The music station was on and she watched the screen change onto a new song and she cursed in her head silently. The song started to play and it entranced her ignoring the banter coming from the phone.

The words of Kelly Clarkson’s addicted started to swirl around Gen and the tears started to fill her eyes
And I know I let you have all the power, And I realize I'm never gonna quit you over time, It's like I can't breathe, It's like I can't see anything, Nothing but you, I'm addicted to you, It's like I can't think, Without you interrupting me, In my thoughts, In my dreams, You've taken over me, It's like I'm not me, It's like I'm not me”.

Gens … Babe?” Nicholas asked breaking Gen from her world. “Don’t say that to me don’t call me babe, Gens or Genny, Nicholas we aren’t friends anymore” Gen said and changed the TV station onto nonsense cartoons. “Gen please give me another chance to prove” Nicholas begged. “To prove what exactly Nicholas betrayal, pain, disappointment perhaps” Gen said bitterly. 
Her voice was laced with venom and Nicholas could hear it with each word she spoke. He involuntary shivered every time she spoke to him like this. Nicholas knew of his mistakes he constantly made but he needed her as his best friend again. He rubbed his face as frustration was starting to grow within him but bit his tongue. “Gens … I need you” Nicholas said easily. “Well Nick I need my life back” Gen said and pressed the end button.
The call was disconnected as their friendship neither was satisfied where they were left. Gen looked back at the television the brightly colors of the cartoons danced across the screen but she could not see with her blurred vision as tears cascaded down her face.