Monday, May 20, 2019

Road to Grad: Grad School Reflections: Recap of Fall 2018

Graduate School is no easy feat! I started my MFA, at The City College of New York in Fall 2018. I was putting myself into a place with other students who are passionate just like me. The two courses I took were Internet Writing and Poetry Critical Practice.

These two courses were not at all what I expected it to be because I was going in with the idea that Internet Writing was going to be about blogging and learning how to write content for online publication. Instead, I was brought into a world of science fiction and learned about a sub-genre cyberpunk. While it was great to learn something new it wasn't my cup of tea.

Whereas the course that I was going to have the most difficulty with was Poetry Critical Practice, I have mentioned before in another post, poetry is not my medium but lately every semester I have had to take a course. We had a fellow teach us and she is an amazing poet, her name is Nicole Sealey, and she pushed us outside our comfort zones of writing. It was amazing to learn about poets from different backgrounds of color and sexuality. Additionally, she had us rework the same poem through different prompts and it was to teach us to let our work sit and come back to it.

I am not a big editor, I feel like when I do edit I want to change the entire story or start doubting myself. However, it is necessary for one to grow as a writer, there are times where I go back to stories I had written ten years ago with friends. The plots were great but some of the aspects unbelievable, plot lines all over but stories that with a fresh pair of eyes that can be amazing.

As I finished that semester with a 4.0 GPA, I have discovered things about myself, my writing, and this journey I am embarking on.

Just thought this blurb would be interesting to see what I have been up to.