Friday, December 19, 2014

Story Excerpt: Rebirth Chapter 4

Boom. Boom. “Keep up if you want to live, don’t get attacked by shrapnel”. Her small legs could barely walk correctly let alone run at a grown man’s speed. “Do not fall behind!” She hiccuped as another explosion went off and they finally exited the grass. Across the black tarred street were crowds of people peering into a window. “Come on Isis don’t look just go” He urged and pushed her away but she had to look in. A flat screen TV had BREAKING NEWS flashing across it.

Videos of smoking buildings and large fires were shown. “Oh my” She saw a woman holding her chest with tears streaming down her face. Boom. They looked towards the smoke at the end of the street. The bombs were getting closer. “It’s us, we are next they already hit Europe and China, even California” A man yelled. He tugged her tight away from the paranoid crowd that was growing larger.

“Isis it is not safe we must run” He said and she followed him but not before seeing the words flashing her homes name.

New York City June 22nd 2019
World War III


Screams that’s all he heard and her speaking what he knew as the old language of French. “Aidez-Moi, Aidez-Moi, No Monsieur s’il vous plait ne”. “Isis wake up, wake up!” He shook her body as she lunged forward. Her small hands wrapped around his throat as she climbed on top of him. “Isis it’s me Ramon” She clenched tighter as she continued speaking French. “Mourir!” Gagging from the pain he pushed her by her right shoulder. Her hand slipped from his neck and he threw her up into the air. Falling to the floor she whimpered like a dog.

“What the hell Isis!” He yelled and rubbed his neck in comfort. She scrambled onto her knees and her eyes were filled with fear and pain. “What? What is going on” She ran a hand through her hair and looked at him her eyes flashed to fury. “You tried murdering me that is what is going on with you”. He rubbed his neck again and looked at the girl. Studying her eyes he noticed the change in them the vulnerability coming forth. “Isis-“ Shaking her hand in his face she covered her body which was still in the sheer costume. Pointing to the door he assumed she wanted him to leave and get away from her for a while.

Without a second thought he disappeared behind the door and she removed her hands from her face. The dirty smudge crossed the cheek and her eyes were red stricken. Raising her hands in defeat she placed them back into her lap with frustration. She wasn’t supposed to be emotional. It was against all the rules. Rule number one lose all attachments and did she gain a strong one. Feeling the thin material beneath her fingers.

Deciding to change into something that made her feel more like herself was the best options. Removing the gold and replacing it with the dark leather felt complete. Pushing her hair into a tight bun she was ready to get down to business. Trying her best to forget her actions beforehand and move on forward. Ramon had probably decided to go for a walk so she decided she needs a drink. Self-medicating was ok if it was with the strongest liquor out to be offered.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Signs of a Soulmate

Signs of a Soulmate

1. You’ve split up — often unpredictably and unexpectedly. Soul mates rarely experience “happily ever after” right away, despite what media and culture tells us. Often the meeting is too intense to absorb immediately, and you have to separate for a while. You find your way back though.

2. They’ve changed you for the better. The people who we are affected by the most are the ones who have changed us just by their presence in our lives overhauling everything we thought we knew and wanted. It’s not a bad thing, this is supposed to happen, usually.

3. You recognize a family member in them. This sounds strange, but in my best friends and romantic partners, I can always tell they’re going to be someone to me upon first meeting because they instantly remind me of my mom or dad or sibling — not in a creepy way, in a passing, “oh, that’s funny…” kind of way.

4. You may not have “just known” they were the one the moment you saw them, but in retrospect, you realize you did. There’s a lot of overwhelming pressure to be absolutely certain that someone is meant for you forever and ever and ever so much so that while you’re still getting to know them, and maybe can’t even decipher that much, you end up misjudging because you think you need a verdict. All in all though, you look back and realize yeah — they’re it.

5. Your worst self has come out with them, and to only them. The truest soul mates are a direct reflection of you — so they inevitably show you everything that is unhealed.

6. You recognize each other almost as though you’ve known each other before. Because you most likely have.

7. Uncanny connections between major dates (such as your births, your meeting, etc.) You were born exactly 9 months apart, you met on your brother’s birthday… there tends to be some weird synchronicity surrounding dates upon your meeting a soul mate.

8. You’ve had weird, cryptic dreams about each other prior to meeting, even if you couldn’t identify an exact face or person.

9. Or at least you’ve had an inner, gut knowing that they were coming. From a young age you were only really concerned with finding that “one person for you.” You weren’t interested in dating around like your peers, you just wanted to find that one and call it a day.

10. You met while you were young, and reunited when you were older either in actual years or just spiritual and mental maturity.

11. You recognize something when you look in their eyes and it’s basically undefinable but you don’t see it in anybody else.

12. You feel what they feel, even if you aren’t naturally empathetic. You know when something’s not right, physically or otherwise. You can sense what they’re thinking and feeling without them even indicating anything to you.

13. It’s more than just a feeling. Meeting them made you realize that romantic love — especially between soul mates — is so much more than just a fleeting, physical feeling. It’s really more of an inner, gut knowing that permeates your whole relationship, even when (and maybe especially when) you’re apart.

14. You have an intense chemistry unlike you’ve ever experienced. You’re more compelled by them than anything else, and you never went through the phases of being interested in each other, going out, etc. you just kind of were together, as though you had never been apart.

15. They’re your “home.” You realize that “home” is the person or place you always want to return to, and they’re it for you.

16. Despite everything, you realize that it could be no other way — the choice has already been made. You may love other people in life. You could theoretically spend your life happily with a thousand other people, but you know you’re not supposed to. In this sense, it’s never a matter of forcing the relationship to work, but just letting it unfold as you know, even without physical evidence, it’s supposed to.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Goals for 2014 - 2015

In the summer my Best Friend Ariel and I do predictions for the year that we would love to accomplish. Some are ones she gave me and others are some I came up with on my own. So far I already accomplished one which was to go back to school. I am now on my way to receiving my third degree!
  1. Accept Happiness  [Accomplished March 2015]
  2. Go back to school [Accomplished October 2014]
  3. Be a great Mother  [Accomplished December 2014]
  4. Take the proper steps to purchase my House
  5. Build good credit [Accomplished March 2015]
  6. Write more [Accomplished November 2014]
  7. Take more risk  [Accomplished August 2015]
  8. Learn a new skill
  9. Spend more time with people [Accomplished June 2015]
  10. Travel 

Monday, December 1, 2014

2014 NaNoWriMo Winner

NaNoWriMo 2014 Winner
The hardest year I ever had to endure to write but I accomplished this. Next stop? Motherhood!