Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bronx Gem* Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo
The Bronx Zoo opened its door on November 8th 1899, that means it is over over a 115 years old (116 if you want to get technical). The Bronx Zoo was actually owned by Fordham University and sold it to the City of New York for a $1,000! Who knew that this place would end up becoming one of thee most famous zoos in the world.

My family is lucky enough to take a five minute drive to this beautiful zoo and enjoy a day within the Bronx. My daughter Emmaliene has already been to the zoo three times since she has been born. With each trip she expands her learning and begins to truly appreciate this opportunity. The Bronx Zoo is open seven days a week with Free Admissions on Wednesday!

Take advantage of everything the city gives you.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Story Excerpt: How to Write a Romance Novel

How to Write a Romance Novel
By Kimberley Aguirre

Dedicated to Ariel, my best friend in the universe, the secret romantic at heart who has inspired me in more ways than one. Dedicated to Justin, my inspiration for Jeremiah and all the other cocky males with heart of gold I write about.

This one is for you guys!

“Miah!” I screamed from the top of my lungs. Glancing at my reflection in the mirror, I ignored the knot of curls on top of my head and my oversize tee that I stole from Jeremiah’s closet. He stole my friends, I could at least steal his fucking clothes.

“Je-re-mi-ah!” I enunciated as I left my bedroom clutching my laptop.

Jeremiah wasn't the one to ignore my calls, especially when they were at 5:34 in the morning. Without a knock I opened his door and rushed in. As I stumbled over shoes on the floor I saw Jeremiah peeking with one eye open and a blonde girl covered in his faded blue sheets.

“Oh shit my bad” I mumbled and awkwardly smiled at the two. Jeremiah sighed and sat up in his bed and looked at me with accusing eyes. With a loud sigh, he mumbled my name affectionately.


He nodded his head towards the blonde female who looked lost and mouthed, he didn't know her name. Leave it to Jeremiah to not know his latest conquest and for me to save his ass.

“Hey I am Tatiana, Jeremiah’s roommate and only friend” I said sarcastically sticking my sweaty palm in her face.

“Anya” She said politely declining my hand.

“Yeah Anya” Jeremiah said and smirked. 

His signature smirk that led the girls like Anya to his room. I raised my eyebrows and stood in the room. Anya wasn't completely dense, she sensed the awkwardness and grabbed her clothes off the floor. She rushed passed me and into the bathroom to what I can assume was to change.

“Really Miah? Russian? New flavor?” I asked as I sat next to him on the bed. He scratched the back of his head and yawned loudly in my face. Beer and Popeyes radiated out his mouth and he laughed.

“Eww Miah!” I squealed and held a hand over my mouth.

“Now Tati why the hell are you screaming my name so damn early and not under me” Jeremiah asked and I rolled my eyes.

“Deadline is in a few hours and I just can't do it!”

“Marisol is on your ass that much?”

“No not Marisol, I handed in my article for NYCBuzz, it's for the other job” I said and Jeremiah nodded.

Jeremiah was the only person in my life to know about the other me. He knew about Trinity P. since I invented her at the age of seventeen in the back of Reiter’s class. Trinity P. was my pen-name that I wrote under to publish my novels for the latest publishing company Rowington.

“Get the mojo TP!” Jeremiah shouted as he got off the bed. Of course Jeremiah was naked and didn't care to show off his body to me. Jeremiah was thee most confident person I knew in the world and he just loves to flaunt it.

“Can you put your dick away and help me, besides don't be screaming TP!” I chastised.

Jeremiah did his infamous side smirk once again and pulled on a pair of black silk boxers and his NYU hoodie.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Book Review: The Berenstain Bears - Mother's Day Blessings

The Berestain Bears - Mother's Day Blessings by Jan & Mike Berenstain

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars
This soft cover book speaks to me on a certain emotional level. This book shines light on all the hats a mother wears in her life. Mother's Day has approached prompting Sister and Brother Bear to do something special for their mother. On their way to church they see different mothers they know working, enjoying their time or going to church. I love that the book shows that a mother doesn't have to be just a stay at home mom but also a police officer, pastor, farmer and still can be a great mom. 

Recommened for all mothers.

Be proud to a mother! I love all off you from Stay home to working mothers!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Book Review: the knot OUTDOOR WEDDINGS by Carley Roney

the knot: OUTDOOR WEDDINGS by Carley Roney

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Ever since I wanted a wedding ideally I wanted it to be outside. Gardens or beaches have been my dream but with outdoor weddings there is so much planning that goes into it! Unlike the comfort of a indoor wedding which is great when it comes to weather, and/or animals. No one wants a thunderstorm or bees attacking wedding guest. 

This book has reaffirmed my belief in an outdoor wedding. They show different places, color schemes, food and even some beautiful photography. What I loved was that they featured a place not too far from where I live, The Bronx Zoo. I thought that was an interesting but knowing that place it would be quite expensive. What I believe the book could of had was maybe a budget section or a way to throw a wedding on a budget. 

  Recommended for engaged couples, loves of photography and wedding planners.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Writing under a Pseudonym

Writing under a Pseudonym has allowed me to be who I want to be in the writing world without any strings. See I have clearly published under my name Kimberley Aguirre and uploaded pieces of my work onto this blog. However a pseudonym has allowed a certain anonymity and freedom you cant get under your own name. 

I am writing a whole new story to publish on Wattpad under a name that I will not post here. It is going to be completely out of my comfort zone because of the genre. Nonetheless how should one grow if they don't try new things. Using my new name people wont know that it is me but at the same time people wont know its me. 

If a story tanks its okay to say that it is not you or hear someone drag the name into dirt. There are also great stories out there like JK Rowling who wrote the Harry Potter Series. Everyone knows Harry, the boy with the lightning bolt scar and the line "You're a wizard Harry". She has written other stories but everyone knows her as the Harry Potter writer. See writing under a pseudonym allows the author to write different stories and not be known for just one thing. Its like an actor who is on a show for a long time. They begin to be that character other than their true-selves. 

Here are some Pros & Cons

  • Somewhat Complete Freedom 
  • Added mystery to who you are 
  • The ability to write different types of work
  • No one knows it is really you 
  • No true credit
  • Pressure of being another person 
  • It is hard to break away.
My Mypseudonym represents me in a way that I like as of now. As time goes on I will probably tell my friends and they might be surprised but they know of my talent. This will be a new adventure that I am excited for.

So if youre going to go out there and write? Do so! If you want to write as a different name go ahead. There are risk but there are also rewards.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Recipe: Chocolate Cupcake with Lava Center

Today my daughter and I took some time from our day to make lava cupcakes or as Emmy would like to say Love Cakes. She loves the gooey center and so does her father. This is a really quick thing to bake takes less than twenty minutes for everything and its simple for a one year old to help with!

Kimmy & Emmy's Love Cakes
aka Chocolate Cupcake with Lava Center

Chocolate Cupcake with Lava Center
  • 1 Cup of Betty Crocker 
  • 1 Large Egg
  • 1/2 Cup of Water
  • 1/8  Cup of Vegetable oil
  • 1/4 Cup of Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
  • 6 Hershey Milk Chocolate Kisses 

  1. Combine cake mix, one egg, water and oil in a large mixing bowl. Be warned this batter already has chocolate chips in it from the mix so there will be lumps. I let my daughter mix with a hand whisk and scrape the edges for her.
  2. Next, give kid some batter to calm them down because they will get upset they do not have the whisk anymore.  I do not give my daughter large amounts i literally stick the back of her baby spoon into the batter. Please do not freak out about salmonella. 
  3. Spray cupcake pan with non stick cooking spray if you're not using cupcake wrappers. 
  4. Pour batter 3/4 of the way in the cupcake tins.
  5. Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for about six minutes. 
  6. Take semi cooked cupcakes out and place one Hershey kiss in the center. 
  7. Sprinkle about 3 - 5 semi sweet chocolate chip on the Hershey.
  8. Put cupcakes back into the oven for three more minutes. 
  9. Take out cupcakes to cool.  
  10. ENJOY!

A glass of milk goes perfect with this delicious treat.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Book Review: Good Night, Little Love by Thomas Nelson


Good Night, Little Love by Thomas Nelson

Rating: 3/5 Stars

What a sweet little cardboard book. This book is perfect for ages young as one and up till the age of five. Its a book about a mother bunny tucking in her child. She list the things they will do the following day and how much she loves him. She also explains how much God loves him. The art of the book is very whimsical and intricate to the readers of the book. Has a very classic feel to it and reminds us parents of books from our childhood.