Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Story Excerpt: Grow up!

A short story I wrote for a contest about three years ago.
Did not win but it was something different for me as I cannot finish a story!

Grow Up

My parents always told me to never rush growing up. They would say play, have fun and smile at any chance that I have. I didn’t listen, I never do, and I never ever listen. I mean they scold me and say ‘Eat your vegetables, they taste good and will make you big and strong’. I give those disgusting green broccoli trees to Lucy my lovable golden retriever.

Like I said I never listen, never will and forcing me to be a kid forever is pointless.


She brushed her curls into a haphazard ponytail and sighed. The faded pink walls were her reminder that it was her mother’s choice of color. The reminder that it will always be her mother’s choice in whatever she wants. Glancing at the muted yellow taffeta dress hanging in her doorway she cringed. It was her fifth grade homecoming dance so why was her mother making the choices.

Biting her lip she tiptoed to her doorway and noticed the hallway was clear of others. Smiling she ran to her room and grabbed the white teddy bear that had red nail polish spilled on it. Behind its neck was a small hole where hidden inside was lipstick, mascara and eyeliner. It was forbidden for someone her age to be wearing this type of makeup or any makeup.  Shoving the makeup into her sports bra and fixed the clumps it made.

It was time for another day at Fredrick’s Elementary and learning about well anything. Snatching her flower power backpack off her doorknob leaving behind the muted pink room and went down to the kitchen. Having a picturesque family made it seem they came out of a Home Goods Magazine. Dad was a business man, Mom was a homemaker, and older brother was a sophomore in high school.

They smiled at everything, ate breakfast together and even wore holiday clothes for cards. Sitting at the table she started at the routine breakfast of eggs, bacon and pancakes. She should be happy her mom worked hard for her to eat healthy and she just cringed at the food. Wanting to be like her friends she hoped to eat boxes of sugar filled cereal and watch cartoons before school.

Yet instead she poured the little syrup her mom allowed her to have on her pancakes and scarfed the food down. Her brother jeered on about his upcoming football game and father worried about his job. Complaining that today he was going to the highest floor today to meet with his boss. Fearing he was going to lose his job to her mother. Mother shook her head and reassured him that he would be fine.

Slurping down the delicious milk her mother placed the young girl burped. Her parents looked at her embarrassed but smiled as well. It was officially time to go to school as father had to drive all the way downtown before he was late. Hurrying the two children into the fancy car she sighed as she was placed in the front seat. The green trees blurred in front of the brown orbs in her face. Driving down the streets of the city was her favorite and she loved when the greens turned into greys and black.

Screeching filled the air as they pulled in front of a large building with many other teens standing in front of it. Slam, scuffing of converse on the concrete and she watched the teen of a brother join his friends. The ride began again and off to Elementary was her plan. Barely contain her happiness a bright smile fell upon her face. Today was tryouts for cheerleading, her friends were going to talk about homecoming dance and Jeffrey Battle was going to talk to her.

That is why the makeup was needed especially today. It was going to be the greatest day ever, today was going to be the day her life changed. The car gently pulled in front a small beige building and loud cheers and chatter filled the air. His voice was off in the air but the brown orbs were planted on where her friends were in the yard. Pushing the car door open she felt a hand grab her wrist. It was hugging time and she couldn’t hug her dad. He would feel the makeup and he would be very upset with her.

Instead she pulled away rushed a bye not including I love you and joined her friends. The screeching of his tires didn’t reach her ears and instead she heard her friends.

It was a great day, no it was beyond fantastic and nothing would ever change that. She waited for her brother in front of the school and groaned. He was late but that wasn’t going to ruin her day instead she took the time to write on her notebook. S + J, J loves S, S & J with many hearts adoring it.

She was officially growing up in her eyes! A boyfriend, fresh makeup on the face and made the cheerleading squad. Today was one for the history books for the world. She learned about her favorite animal tigers, ate two slices of pizza for lunch and learned that her dad worked in one of the tallest buildings in New York City. She wrote the day it was official that she was an adult.

Hearing her name she looked up and saw her mother with tears down her face.

Dropping the notebook onto the ground she looked at her mother with a puzzled look.

The notebook turned to it could be seen clearly.

S & J

September 11th 2001