Monday, July 23, 2018

Story Excerpt: Connections

The train lurched to a halt and a round of groans filled the cart. I held the pole tightly and gripped my thermos filled with the green tea my mother insisted I drink. I pulled out my phone from my jacket pocket and accidentally hit the man to the right of me. He turned around nostrils flared and he went to open his mouth, but instead, he just rolled his eyes and walked away.
Thank the lord I thought.
The sun peeked in through the glass panes and it illuminated the passengers' true selves. Men dressed in wrinkled shirts forgetting they had to work the next day. Kids asleep on their parents still clinging to the air of the weekend. Hungover women hid behind their dark sunglasses wiping away brunch from their eyes.
Then my eyes settled on the woman sitting in the corner, reading a small paperback novel. Since I switched to the one train I saw her every day for months, always with a book, always with a unique shirt and always with bright pink headphones shoved into her ears. She captivated me with her love of books and her smile that she reserved for small children and the homeless.
If Tomas and Berto were here they would have been all over her and ooze their charisma over her. I wondered why I stood friends with them, but realistically the question is why they would be friends with me. I wasn't like them, and they weren't like me.
“Migs help this dumbass get here.” Tomas said and tossed his iPhone towards me.
I looked down to see a series of text messages from Berto calling Tomas an idiot and that he can’t find his way to the “effin” Heights. I chuckled at the two going back and forth before typing to him that all he had to do was take the A train to Dyckman and walk a block down. After a few more back and forth I tossed the phone back to Tomas.
“He’s taking an Uber.” I responded and cut into my fried cheese,
“That motherfucker could have just did that from the jump. Yo if he’s late and there’s no more mangu don’t give him any. That will teach him to be late to brunch.” Tomas scolded to Mateo and me.
"Eat a dick Tomas, its fucking brunch who cares. These shit bitches do anyway not us."  Mateo retorted.
"I'm sorry when did breakfast and alcohol grow a pair of tits. Bro I am hungry, the weather is nice, and we aint never meet up anymore. Sorry I want to see my bros over some bacon." Tomas ranted.