Saturday, June 23, 2018

Updates: New Look, Birthday & Camp NaNoWriMo!


Good Afternoon fellow readers, writers, and just simple viewers of Inksoaked!

First, to my faitful readers! I am back and ready to dive back into the blogging world! This is similar to a post that I wrote about a year ago and not much has changed in the updating world so lets just jump right into this bad boy

A few fun things to be on the lookout is ...

1. New design & Theme: Currently I am creating all the artwork for the blogs new look at that is taking a minute due to the tenacious work that HTML takes. Also, I am adding a new section to that will be connected to a YouTube channel! Yes I said it we are going live with video!

2. New Ventures: Safari Mommy is no longer live but will now be revamped as Writing Mami! Right now the look is being designed and I am working on a new logo for it but so far I have a few ideas I ALREADY written. Yes, I have ready to be posted and its all thanks to my threeanger! So stay tuned!

3. Road to Grad - Was an idea that was going to be about how I am going to grad school but now it will about my time leading up to and grad school experience! 

July 2018 - Camp NaNoWriMo

Lately, a lot of my stories have been short ones, but you know when you get an idea in your head it wont leave you alone!? Well I do and I am finally working on another novel series, and this July I am dedicating a good chunk of my time fleshing the ideas out and in November either have a great start or the basics for me to bust out the 50K words even though I am aiming for 100K+. 

Other than that ...

Thank you guys for the support, love and friendships!