Thursday, June 25, 2015

Book Review: Embrace by Jessica Shirvington

Embrace by Jessica Shirvington 

Rating: 5/5 Stars
I first wanted to read this book because it was my type of genre. Teen Fantasy and with a little romance. Boy did this book take me for a ride. This wasn't my usual Arc review but more of a Barnes & Noble ripe with my best friend to get some new reading material.

When I first started reading this book I was amazed by it captivating storyline. Violet Eden is the main character who is far from your normal Mary sue character. As her birthday rolls around she has the ill reminder of her mother's death during childbirth. Yikes. As the book continues we are introduced to the characters around Violet. Her father the workaholic, her best friend Stephanie the blonde who is actually quite intelligent, and Lincoln her friend and also trainer. 
Then we meet Phoenix and he is described as a doozy. Silver and purple hair that illuminates in the light and a mysterious aura. Violet then discovers on her birthday that she is a Grigori; which is half angel and half human. Talk about a birthday present! The people in her life began to expose themselves and we see deeper layers of the characters.
Violet then must choose to embrace her fate or ... deny it. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Story Excerpt: Breaking Down Part II - Nanowrimo 2014


He sat in the busy diner at his booth nursing a Pepsi wondering if he got stood up. “Danny are you going to eat or can I give the famous booth to some paying customers” Lily yammered as she looked at the boy. “Sorry Miss Lily give her five more minutes” He asked as Lily rolled her eyes. “Charlie was never this late” She mumbled and walked away from the booth. 

Only Miss Lily didn’t give him sympathetic eyes or tried to coddle him. She was still straight to the point, lecturing others and made it her business to be in yours. Glancing at the time one more time on his phone he sighed. Piper was a full half hour late and he was being to think this was some sick joke. 


He looked up expecting to see the leggy blonde female, but instead saw a short pink and blonder hair Lia. It had been at least a year since they had a real conversation but it felt weird. She was tanner than usual and her long natural brown hair was up to her shoulders, barrel curled was now hot pink and blonde tips. She was holding a small brown bag and a drink. Her clothing attired was a sheer turquoise button down and white cut offs.
She didn’t even look like his old best friend anymore.

 “Lia? Uh, what are you doing back, I didn’t think you graduate yet” He stammered. “Well um things came up besides with Charlie’s … just stuff, why you sitting here all alone” She asked. He motioned for her to sit which took her a few seconds to consider. “I’m not alone waiting on a friend”. She nodded and the awkward silence consumed them.  

“Sorry for not being more frequent, I have a lot going on considering school and Legion” She said as he shrugged. “How’s Edward and Leon X” He asked, not really caring. “Keeping things in order uh how’s the kid” She asked as Daniel scoffed. “Cole turns four in about two weeks, you would know if you stayed”. His response was bitter and straight to the point. 

Lia scrunched her nose and rose from the seat. “Phone goes both ways besides you know I’m not allowed to keep in contact with people because of my duties Daniel! I wasn’t even allowed to talk to Theo” Her eyes shone with tears and heartbreak but she didn’t let it fall. “Lia I didn’t mean to” “Daniel?” He turned to see Piper standing there as Lia stared at him with tears.  

“Everything all right here?” She asked as Lia took a long look at the female. “Everything is fine, old friends catching up right Danny!” Lia splatted and moved away from the booth.

 “Be careful Danny” Lia added as she walked away.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

NYT Women's Mentoring Night

I was blessed through my college to attend a Women's Mentoring Night at the New York Times on June 8th . It was for majors in English, Journalism and Fiance. It was an amazing night filled with women that were advanced in their career. I even met some fellow students that were starting their internships in a few weeks and it was a beautiful feeling. Women of color and women that were also mothers were vibing with one another and giving advice.

Mentoring Night

Random Garden within the middle of the building


Wall Art of Letters & Words

New York Times Security

Panel Seats

Back of New York Times Building

 Thank You to CUNY & The New York Times for this opportunity!

Below are some pictures I took of the facility & event!