Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Journal: 100th Post - Notebook Addiction Series

For my 100th post I decided to start my new series of Notebook Addiction. In this series I will focus on a journal or even company that I've bought a couple of journals from. An example would be Peter Pauper Press since I have such an abundant amount. Additionally I will include an art series where I will revamp notebooks DIY style. The reason the subject of my 100th post is about journals is because they have been a part of me since the age of three. As a toddler Spanish was my primary language and I was just beginning to speak English. Yet this new language birthed a new person entirely and my entire world changed. Reading and Writing had opened an entire new universe of imagination and creating. From that day forward a notebook would be within my hands and I would be writing. Some accomplishments that I obtained is that before the age of seventeen, I had written about 85 short stories and/or novels. Today in 2016 it's about 235 stories, including short, long, and poetry collections. Here is an image of most of my notebooks, blank and filled with wonderful tales.

This decision to showcase my collection and addiction was inspired by a blog I follow Notebook Addiction where other notebook addicts come together and discuss why they love notebooks. So for this blog I will be going in depth about my journals, redesigning them and reviews.

Here is a preview:

Oldest Journal

This is currently thee oldest notebook I could find. The first poem written in there was from about fifteen years ago to a boy I liked. The other pages of the book has more sappy young girl love poems and drawings. What is interesting about this notebook is that I made each page have chalk dust look after watching an episode of Zoom. 

Newest Journal

This is currently thee latest notebook I own and received it as a present to myself. I love the texture of the cover and its the perfect size for a diary. Inside it has a folder flap and a wrap around elastic to keep it nice and shut. This journal matches some other materials my office holds such as a bookmark and inspirational poster.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Book Review: The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

Rating: 4/5 Stars 

I was interested in reviewing this novel because I had assumptions that it was about a couple meeting in a bookshop. Yeah I was wrong but I still enjoyed the novel! The main character of the story is Monsieur Perdu who mends the patrons of his bookstores hearts with his recommendation. Automatically my mind placed him in the character of the Bookstore owner in Beauty and the Beast. It didn’t help that Beauty and the Beast took place in France as well.  He tries his hardest to help the patrons find themselves and possibly love. His bookshop means the world to him and by using it to help others shows how Perdu really cares. It makes you wonder what his story is and will he find his own love? The novel can be a bit slow in certain places; however, the main story-line manages to hold interest despite its drops within the story-line

This book is perfect for any book lovers and romantic hopefuls. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

It's A Mans World but it would Nothing without a Woman or Girl

I don’t usually post music or videos onto this blog HOWEVER this! This right here! It’s an remarkable video of two artists combating to be on a team on The Voice. First and foremost, I do not watch singing competition or anything similar to it. I found this video scrolling through my Twitter feed and was blown away. Both of these guys Bryant and Malik are such skillful talented singers that while listening to it, I got goosebumps running up and down my arms. Plus I love this song *James Browns Feels*. As you can tell my perception in things tend to be in eras before my time. 

Unfortunately Christina cannot choose both of them, but regrettably she did not choose Malik. After some more research I found out Malik was eliminated and my heart broke. I hope he comes back or gets signed or something! He has to make it lol. As you can tell everyone loved them and the whole performance. 

Relish this music on a disconsolate day! 

*BTW it inspired a scene in  my new short story*