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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Story Excerpt: Full Circle Part 4

She blew out a cold breathe and smiled as the cold puff of air came out her mouth. Her blonde curls bounced as she giggled at the action. “FarFar” She turned to the nickname and saw a young boy about the age of seven standing in the doorway. “Yes CharChar” She teased. He giggled as he grabbed his jacket from the hook. Pulling the brown tweed jacket around himself he stepped onto the porch.

The ground was covered in patches of snow and the porch twinkled under the Christmas lights. He jumped into porch swing that Farrah was sitting in and hugged her. “I missed you too kiddo” She whispered and ran a hand through his light brown hair. “How is college?” He asked and smiled showing that he was missing his two front teeth. “Boring all I do is eat some soup, sleep and draw”.

“That sound totally awesome” He yelled and they busted out into laughter at his actions. “Charlton if only you knew, I have a friend and a boyfriend and they hate each other” She mussed. “Not everyone is going to get along Farrah you know that of all people” He said. Talking to her seven year old brother made her feel like a child herself. She knew he acted beyond his years except when Flintstones came on and he screamed Wilma.

Missing home for so long and then being plopped back into it showed her that she still had a lot of growing up to do” “FarFar” “Yea CharChar” “When you become the next best painter in the world will you take me to Disney World”. She smiled at his question and nodded happily. “I would be honored; I mean you believed in me the most”. He yelped in happiness and clapped.

“I’m going to tell Mama” He squealed and ran back into the household. “Well, Well, Well look who returned back home the Prodigal Child”. Farrah looked up and saw the swooning brunette guy leaning against the post. Smiling at him she rolled her eyes in annoyance as another guy walked up to the porch. He was holding a cake platter and smiled at her with his dimples. “Jay, Julio” She whispered and waved at them. “Julio dude she remembers our names oh jeez I thought she went off to be the next Van Gogh” He teased.

“Jayden when Farrah kicks you I am just going to laugh at you” Julio commented. “Ugh Reyes and Grey what brings you to my neck of the woods.  Julio Grey stood about 6’1 and just shrugged showing off his dimples once again. Farrah always knew Julio was always the quiet one of that twosome while Jayden Reyes never held back his thoughts.

“Well Diaz nothing much just checking up on you, heard you was back and we just had to see what University did to our old best friend” Jayden teased. She stuck her tongue out at him and he repeated the action making the three chuckle. "Yeah Far how is it up there are you painting rainbows onto the walls” Julio joked and she sulked. Sure Farrah had a peace, free the world, don’t eat chicken type of mind but she didn’t want to be picked on right now.

“Where is Sarah Julio?” Farrah demanded and Julio quieted down. Jayden shuffled uncomfortable and sighed at Farrah for her to drop it. “What?” That one word question it always seemed to arise so much from a person. “Sarah dumped me Far, something about not ever seeing a future” Julio muttered. She watches his mood change and he picked at the cake platter with sadness.

“Julio I’m sorry …. I didn’t mean to, I didn’t know, want me to go kick her butt” Farrah asked. The two boys doubled over in laughter and that made Farrah sulk again. “Yeah ok the day I see Farrah Diaz get into a fight I’ll see angels” Jayden chuckled and Farrah stood up. She wasn’t in the mood to be picked on especially from the boys she claimed as best friends.

Farrah’s door opened and stood a woman with long raven black hair who had a hand on her hip. “I thought I heard familiar voices! How are you doing boys?”  The woman asked. “Mama –“ Farrah was cut off with a hand raised. “Farrah you know the boys mean no harm, its just a little fun sometimes you need to stop being so sensitive” She said as Farrah walked into the house.

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