Saturday, November 30, 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013 Winner

NaNoWriMo 2013
This was an emotionally draining piece but hey ... it is done!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Story Excerpt: Medio Cocos - Nanowrimo 2013

Session 001

Everyone has baby books, they have photographs. What did I have? Foggy memories, confused timelines and hidden images. 

Dr. Salvador insisted that I speak of something, anything, a piece of me that I had not repeatedly written during our sessions over the few months. I could shrug and just thought of how my earliest memory was demanding eggs on a kitchen table. I was four with raven curls on my head in a tank top and shorts smacking a spoon on a table. He sighed and closed his notebook. He rubbed the bridge of his nose where his glasses laid. 


I nodded for him to continue and instead he shut his eyes. “Your insurance won’t pay for anymore sessions if I cannot diagnosis you. You will not afford to attend this clinic”.  Looking down at my feet I noticed my pinky toe was sticking out my black flats. 

“Ysabel I want you to take these pills. They will help with your sleeping problems for now but soon … soon we either need to diagnosis your or you find a new doctor.” He passed the translucent orange bottle that had about ten pills. Slipping the pills into my shoulder bag I stood to my feet.

“Ysabel I like you, I think you a nice young lady but if I am the problem you may speak about it, maybe a female doctor-“ 

I spoke for the first time in six months. 


With that I walked out the room and into the waiting room. Eyes stared at me, wondering what issue I portrayed. What did I have, what was wrong? I craved to know those answers as well. I could hear Dr. Salvador calling back for me, the hope of a break through in his voice. Pushing past people out into the street I breathed out. My lungs had felt like they were filling with water and my oxygen was dissipating. 

Loud sounds of traffic brought me back to reality. A taxi cab driver was screaming at a delivery truck for cutting him off as the light turned yellow. He slammed his hands against his steering wheel as the delivery truck continued its way. Rubbing my eyes and taking a deep breathe; relaxation came over me.