About Me

My name is Kimberley but you guys can call me Kim, and I live with my daughter and husband in New York City. 

I am currently an Applicant Coordinator for City Universities in New York City. 

I am on the road to obtaining my Ph.D. in English, and a deep interest in traveling, writing, and the arts.

Writing and Photography are the two of my greatest passions besides my daughter Emmaliene. You will see some of my novels excerpts and photography of New York City featured on this blog. Eventually, once my travels start I will feature photography for those places as well!

My goals? To either start my own publishing company or travel the world with my small family. Also, work at Scholastic Inc. in the YA Fiction department as a Literary Agent or Editor. Reading books for money? Win! In addition, I want to endure the world's treasures by helping the movement of #WeNeedDiverseBooks. This movement has a lot to offer and  I want to explore each depth. Making a difference for my daughter will be my biggest goal in life.

Any More Questions?
Just comment in a blog post and I will get back to you! Stay Happy :)