Sunday, March 31, 2019

Story Excerpt: WIP

I groaned as I could hear muffled yelling from outside my bedroom door. I tried to ignore it but the voices stumbled in front of my door. Of course they had to do it right now. My hands fumbled to grab my phone from the charger and whines when I saw it was six in the morning.

Light tried to peek through my thick curtains and I tossed over my comforter. I stumbled across the floor and threw open the door. The yells did not desist at my appearance and instead I got pulled it in to it.

“Mackenzie tell your psychotic roommate that she does not have the right to eat my shit!”

I glanced at Riley who had her hands on her hips staring daggers at Mariluz.

“Mari don’t eat Riley’s shit,” I groaned and leaned my head against the doorway.

“Well tell Riley she has no right stealing my makeup,” Mariluz spat.

“Bitch were not the same skin tone, why the fuck would you even think I would want to be like you anyway!” Riley spat and I rubbed my temple in annoyance.

Once upon a time the three of us were the tightest crew to ever exist now we could barely be in the room with one another/

“Mackenzie she needs to move out!” Mariluz yelled and threw her hands up in frustration.

As I rolled my eyes I slammed the door in both of their faces. Trotted over to my bed and collapsed back onto my bed with my hands cover my face. The door flung open and slam shut once more. I peeked through my hands and saw Riley with her hands on her hip with an annoyed look on her face.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Representations Matters

It broke my heart to find out one of my favorite shows was cancelled. I have mentioned One Day At a Time, before I love me some Lupita but today I mention it in a different way. I do not think Netflix understands the importance of having representation of television. This show touched on so many topics in the three seasons that it was on. It touched on immigration, LGBTQ+, racism, depression, family values, religion. It went there and I feel like it is one of the reason's it was pulled. A few people felt that it might have been too political but it wasn't, it was real, it was raw and they had so many funny moments. I really hope that another network picks them up or does something but #SaveODAAT needs to trend. 

Friday, March 8, 2019

International Women's Day 2019

© Credit to Lauren Carney
Two years ago, I wrote about the various diverse leading women in my stories. They were complex, they did not fit the mold. This year one of my novels focuses simply on a group of teen girls and friendship. Of course, it has drama but not the romantic kind, or bullying kind. It is a new take on everything. 

So this year I wanted to write about some powerful women on television especially from some of my favorite shows. 

Jane Villanueva
I did not know about Jane the Virgin until it was about three seasons in but I binged it one weekend and your girl was hooked. Jane is a sweet bubbly overly-cautious bundle of craziness. I see myself in her because she too is a writer, and I think that is one of the reasons I was drawn to the show. Jane is a Latina woman who is a writer, and her passion for it is a mirror of my own. She ends up falling in love with two different guys and we join her on her romantic journey. She is not perfect, and I love it. 

 Elizabeth 'Beth' Boland
I binged Good Girls when it came out on Netflix. Beth is not your average housewife, she turns out to have a slight dark side. After Beth founds out her husband has been having an affair, completely ruined both of their credit, she decides she will do something crazy. It turns out her sister and best friend, had a crazy idea to rob her sister's supermarket. This leads to many crazy mishaps but Beth does not let one inch of golden blonde hair get frazzled. She does have moments where I want to smack her because she goes too far but Bethie is amazing. 

Penelope 'Lupe' Alvarez
One Day At a Time is such an underrated show, I stumbled upon this show and I was obsessed. Penelope is a Cuban single mom, who was in the army and is currently a nurse trying to finish school. Lupe is my all time fave this year because I relate so much to her as a Latina who suffers from depression as well. Penelope can be a lot to handle and has her walls up but when we get to see the softer side you just want to hold her tight. 

Monse Finne
The itty-bitty of my faves come in the form of fourteen year old Monse from On My Block. Monse is being raised by her single dad and is in a crew of boys. Monse is not an average girly girl but she is tough, no bullshit loud mouth loveable girl. Monse can be too bossy against her friends and has a no filter mouth that makes you sigh. Yet, Monse is an amazing writer and when she loves, she loves hard!

So to all my ladies out there, keep being you!