Saturday, September 26, 2015

Story Excerpt: Diana's Diary

Most of my Stories now as an adult are typed on my laptop and edited when I am done. However as a child most of my stories were written in composition books that I had left over from the years. I would color in the black and white books with markers and fill the pages with my many stories. Even though now I have technology where I can store lots of works in one place and not worry about space. 

I tend to keep some notebooks to hand-write stories. Its something about putting ink to paper that brings alive something in I that a laptop wont do. 

This story is called Diana's Diary that is sort of based on my own experience's in high school with my group of friends during our senior year with dips of complete fiction. 

She sat in the library day after day reading books. Sighing the growing folder of past homework in her bag. Her usual braid was loose and now plopped into a hipster bun onto her head. One C+ made her fail and now two English classes a day was what she dreaded. It was last period and she was waiting for her best friends. The table filled with loud chatter when she saw her motley crew of friends. The druggie Roman, The Geek Nick, The Prep Lilith and the head monster of it all Beverly.

Her Best Friend. 
Her best friend who seemed to be the most frustrated had slammed her binder opened. "Dee you're lucky not to have fucking health last period" Beverly groaned with her heavy accent slipping in. Dominican Medusa. Diana pointed to her bag with her pencil to show the ever growing folder of homework. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Story Excerpt: Sol y Luna

Sol y Luna


The orange gunk dripped from his lips onto his desk and paperwork. It was enough that he left the house in a rush because his alarm did not go off. The downhill continued when he stepped into a large puddle the morning rain left for him. It did not help that it occurred right in front of the Day Treatment Center.

“Not today” He murmurs and wiped the report he had for Todd the best he could. 

Guzzling down the rest of his caffeinated orange juice he tosses the cup into the waste bin. 

“Two pointer”

He looks up and sees his co-worker Todd standing in the doorway holding a stack of folders. 

“Sam these are the new kids entering the program at the end of the month”

Sam slightly lowered his eyes and let out a wry chuckle. He regretted guzzling the drink as now his stomach churned. Standing up and taking slight steps toward the large window in his office. Opening the blinds; white and yellow light spilled into the room illuminate the once dreary office. 

“Looks like the sun came out. Which is great because I have a lunch date with Tanya and, this rain was putting a damper on that”

“Place it on my desk Todd. I’ll get to after lunch and please don’t over flirt with Tanya she is one of our best secretary”

“Sam you doubt this” Todd said and placed a hand to his chest to feign hurt. 

“Todd I doubt your ability to not fuck things over with her because little Todd wants to come out and play”

Todd bellowed out laughter and turned around to exit the office. 

“I forget the sun gives you some weird wake up call, take it easy Sam”. 

Todd patted the doorway and walked from the office. Sam leans against the window pane taking in a deep breathe. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Book Review: I Take You by Eliza Kennedy


I Take You by Eliza Kennedy

Rating: 4 /5 Stars

Lily Wilder is a lively, young, effervescent lawyer in New York City. We are first introduced to Lily while she enjoys a night out on the town. She makes out with a cute British fella who buys her a drink, snorts cocaine with her best friend in the bathroom while declaring that she wants a Bachelorette party every weekend.

Wait! What? 

That is correct Lily is engaged to Will, a handsome archaeologist who seems to be too good to be true. As the novel develops the audiences finds out more about Lily and her lifestyle choices. She cheats, drinks, and enjoys the recreational snow skiing within in her nose.

 My own initial thoughts were, "This woman is completely screwed up in the head, I must read more" The novel progresses we reveal the layers of Lily, her past, her plethora of women role models, her immature father, and Teddy a childhood friend. Lily is a classic modern woman who is enjoying life despite the fact that she may be making poor decisions. Her loved ones advised her not to go through with the wedding. Lily is a free spirit, Will is reserved, she parties, and he reads books. They believed they don't match. Lily believes that they do, thanks to the three day mind blowing sex that had the first time they met -- 6 months ago! 
So does the wedding happen?

 Guess you have to read and find out ;] 

Recommendation for 18+

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Brooklyn Inspirations

Mythology has always interested me since I was a child. It is one of my preferred genres to read as well. After going to the Brooklyn Public Library/ Central Library I took a walk in the small area right across the street called Grand Army Plaza. The Plaza is now a featured landmark with the Bailey Fountain and the Soliders' & Saliors' Arch. 

Unfortunately the fountains wasn't filled but the sculptures themselves told a story. Neptune is at the bottom laughing while above him Wisdom and Felicity. The Central Library has a bronzed gateway with bronzed images of iconic book characters. 

Thanks to Brooklyn and these works of art it inspired a new book series that I am writing.

(c) My images

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Story Excerpt: Twenty8

Part 1

The menu had egg yolk stains and reeked of burnt coffee, but the diner was full of patrons. She was not going to insist on another menu just so she could order the same thing she always did. The Tick Tock Diner at 34th Street was filled with tourist ready to run to Penn Station to barely catch their 10 AM train. She despised the weekend rush, but this was the only time Damien had to meet with her.

The waitress quickly took the two orders of eggs sunny side up, hash browns and bacon extra crispy and black coffee. Haley couldn’t get a word in edgewise as the waitress responded with a Yes and zoomed away. Haley looked at the doorway and saw her ex-husband finally appear looking stressed. He wasn’t dressed in his usual bright colored chinos or plain tee-shirt. Today he sported their alma mater hooded sweatshirt and dark gray sweatpants. Barely looking at her as his attention was to his iPhone he mumbled her nickname.


“Damien late as usual” She scoffed as he dragged out the chair from the table.

“Don’t start, it is too early in the morning” He grumbled back.

Haley lowered her eyes at him and began to speak, but instead swallowed her words. She wasn’t going to start a fight; at least not today. He fumbled around with the sugar shaker as she just stared at him in amazement. Haley knew he wasn’t going to speak first but he could have acknowledged that they had an issue. Refusing to be the first person to speak, she leaned back in her chair and scanned the room.

There was a teenage couple sharing kisses in a booth by the door. They adorned the usual tourist attire of I love New York Tee Shirts and bags with the usual shops. They weren’t from around here and they stuck out like daisies in a rose bush. Three men in business suits sat at the adjacent table sipping coffee and letting out loud rumbling laughter. They screamed Manhattan with their perfect gray ashen suits and coiffed hair.

They had the aura of New Yorkers and it radiated to the group of the hung-over group of women next to them. Hair frizzed out and their neon colored dress rumpled from all night dancing. Circles under their eyes with makeup smeared. No one was speaking, but holding their heads within their hands and taking in the aroma of coffee.