Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Book Review: Me: A Compendium A Fill-in Journal for Kids by Wee Society

Me: A Compendium A Fill-in Journal for Kids by Wee Society

Rating: 4/5 Stars

The color in this book is one of the selling features of this book. Each page has a colorful illustration with a question that pegs the child to think.  Once the child has figured out what they would like to put you can write it in. Although my daughter is too young to comprehend the depth of this book its great to just flip through the pages. Its a great hardcover book that can become a memento for children as they grow older. There is also a "secret page" under the book jacket for a fun little treat. 

Recommend for Kids 6+

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Excerpt: Breaking Down I - Chapter 1 Handcuffed Angels

While looking through my post Ive noticed that I never posted an excerpt from Breaking Down. I am actually surprised that I never posted an excerpt for this story! Not only is this story my first published novel, it is also my favorite one (sorry Blue Blood Series!). This novel is my baby and a piece of soul that I poured out in a year that is mixed with my sweat and tears. 

Here is the beginning to 

Step Series/Breaking Down Series
Charlotte & Daniel (Channy)
Charlotte Diaz

Handcuffed Angels

Charlotte sat in her room and stared out of her bay window. She traced the raindrops that had cascaded down the glass. A contented sigh fell from her lips and brought her knees close to her chest. Tears mirrored the raindrops onto her face and she could feel the rumble of the storm within. Charlotte could still hear the loud screams and fight her mind, taunted at her.

Charlotte Diaz was supposed to be a cheerful seventeen year old teenage girl, but anguish hid behind her clouded dark brown eyes. The once popular bright eyed, curly brunette now hid behind dark hoodies and straight on bangs. The screech of voices came to a cease in her ears and now the harsh jagged words from her bellowing parents invaded her.

She couldn’t take it anymore, she couldn’t breathe in her own skin not today.

The rain, lightening, the dark gray clouds above were became enticed her. The fight took a turn for the worse for her parents. Sounds of loud rumbles mixed with breaking material had been the last straw. She opened the large bay window and stepped onto the roof. Down the side of the roof thanks to the drain pipe she landed on the wet grassy lawn.

Charlotte pulled on her black hood and ventured down the street to her familiar place, the lake down the road of her neighborhood. Strong gush of the wind fought against her, pressed her backwards but she ignored it. A sharp icy feeling graced her feet from the puddle she just stepped into. Black and white converse were not the best type of shoes to wear during a rainstorm but they were her favorite shoes, the ones with the etching of C & D carved into the soles.

She reached the lake and walked onto the wet, lush hills towards her favorite bench, the solitude one away from the paired ones. Her favorite tune of crashed waves into smaller rocks creating her ambiance. She pulled out her small purple smart phone and started to dial a number, but as her finger was ready to hit the green phone button she just resulted in the end button.

Charlotte looked down at her shoes and then looked at the soles of them, the old scratched initials were there, C for Charlotte and D for Daniel. Daniel Grey her ex-boyfriend of six years, her junior high sweetheart. She hadn’t seen him in over a year, ever since that night. As Charlotte started to reminisce, thunder and lightning woke her from her thoughts.

She watched a lightning bolt about fifteen feet away from her strike the water. Everything started to move in slow motion, but she shook her head as it started to come back into focus. Onto her feet, she ran down the street back to her house soaked. The back door to her house was the best way to escape her mother.

However life had a different plan.

Farrah Diaz, was a regular socialite in the city, she seemed like the perfect wife, the perfect mother but she was far from that. Farrah sat at the kitchen counter with an open bottle of Vodka. Her face was down, but Charlotte could hear the sniffles from her mother.

Farrah looked up and saw Charlotte gawked at her. The prey had been spotted by the hunter. Farrah’s haggard dirty blonde hair and bloodshot hazel eyes squared on her daughter before she poured another drink.

 “What?” Farrah asked hoarsely.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Journal: DIY Spiderman Journal

Art has always been one of my favorite pastimes. Whether it be painting or sketching, doing something with my hands is therapeutic and allows me to express myself. Another interest of mines which I have stated before is journaling. Although it sounds childish I really do enjoy it and its my favorite thing to do. Writing is my passion and I think I deserve the best journals to write my thoughts and ideas in. 
However there are times where I can't find a journal with a cover that I like but the journal has the insides I want or the perfect inside but the cover is so plain or blah. So after a few scrolls through Pinterest I found some DIYs and decided to make my own. After a trip to Michael's (best craft art store ever/ next to BLICK of course) I came across some scrapbook paper for less than a dollar. I picked a few different prints to make additional journals. 

Things You Will Need
  1.  A journal or composition notebook you want to change
  2. Scrap-booking Paper - Spider-man Comic Print
  3. Mod Podge (Gloss)
  4. Foam Brush
  5. A Pair of Scissors

First Step:Size the paper and then apply Mod Podge glue to the journal with foam brush. 
Tip: Once you place the paper onto the mod podge it will stick and be hard to pull back up after a few seconds. Careful with this step. A little glue goes a long way.
Second Step: Smooth the paper towards the edges
Tip: Doing this will prevent air bubbles and creases.
Third Step: Cut with the scissors where the book bends
Tip: This will allow a seamless look and create a better cover.
Fourth Step: Mod Podge the inner edges of the book and press paper onto glue.
Tip: This is to prevent the cover from pulling up. 

Fifth Step: Dry for ten minutes and open and close journal so paper can bend
Tip: This is to prevent the cover from pulling up. 

Final Product
So here is what I finished with and the final look after drying. 

Tip: You can use the Mod podge gloss on the paper to add a glossy look but be warned it may look streaky. 

Before & After